Getting to know Austin West

This week Agent99 interviews Austin West, our newest intGetting to know Austin Westernational intern on what it’s like to work at Agent99 and why he chose Sydney as his destination! Austin will be working at Agent99 over the next two months.

Q – Austin, where are you from and why did you choose Australia for your internship?

A – I am from Los Angeles, California. I chose Australia for an internship because I have always been fascinated with the country and its culture. My best friend in High school was born here and moved away to LA at a very young age but always spoke highly of it.

Q – What appealed to you about interning at Agent99?

A – I have always been very interested in Advertising/PR and after checking out the website I felt that it was a right fit; a good balance of creativity and strategic tactics. I also really like the clients that Agent99 represents like Hendricks, Milagro, and Drambuie to name a few.

Q – What are you hoping to achieve at your internship?

A – I really hope to gain enough experience to make transitioning into an entry level position a breeze.

Q – Have you learned anything so far that you didn’t think you would?

A – I’ve learned a lot about little things that go on behind closed doors. Things you wouldn’t really know unless you actually interned or worked at PR Agency.

Q – What have been the highlights during your visit to Sydney so far?

A – I would have to say the food; it is very international which I am a huge fan of.

Q – We noticed you’re not a fan of our old school 90s play list on repeat (what… shock…ha….!), we’re curious to know what you’re listening to everyday?!

A – Ha ha. I love the play list that is on repeat it’s more of a concentration thing but I have been listening to very relaxed type music; Manawa by Kamandi and The Process of Leaving by eVax are some in particular.

Q – Finally, what’s the one bit of advice you would give to future interns at Agent99?

A – Let Sharon and everyone at Agent99 know what you thrive at and what your talents are then they will have you get things done on your terms.


Agent Sharon