5 Minutes with Sharon Zeev Poole  


This week, we sit down with Agent 99 Director Sharon to discuss all things PR industry, from what makes a great team to how you describe PR to your parents!



What do you believe are three of the most important attributes of a PR person?


  1. Always be creative – In our fast changing digital world, it is so important to constantly push the envelope, incorporate new methods and be as creative-thinking as possible in order to stay current and keep your clients excited.

  2. Have a thick skin – Taking constructive criticism is never easy and can often be taken very personally. Try channelling the feedback into positive fuel, and avoid personal interpretation at all costs.

  1. Be relentless – Keep pushing and switching up tactics until you find a solution. The ‘oh well, I tried!’ attitude will not get you very far.



What skills are key to have in a successful PR team?


Communication – Allowing your team to bounce off each other and share ideas will almost always garner better results, ideas and concepts for your clients. Not only this, but building rapport and openness through honest communication and one-on-one meetings is, I find, extremely affective in achieving a cohesive team.


Having each other’s back/supporting one another and being a cohesive team – this will make a world of difference when it comes to the happiness of your team. We all want to feel valued, trusted and supported at work!


Working towards the one vision with shared values is very powerful – any business can find itself soaring to new heights when each of its members are working together towards a common goal.

As an industry, what areas of professional development do PR practitioners need to focus on to be successful?


Technology in general, social media trends and data/measurement are the key areas that have been experiencing the fastest growth, and these changes totally alter the way in which business operates. We make it a priority to stay on top of new trends in order to stay relevant, and broaden the range of services we are able to offer our clients.



When you have to explain PR to your parents how do you explain it?


Connecting brands with their audiences in a meaningful way to deliver a specific message.  Whether it’s though generating traditional and digital media coverage, outreaching to influencers, integrating in with social media, rolling out an activation or executing on a sponsorship deal, we are always communicating specific messages to key audiences with an end goal in mind (whatever that may be).


If you could pick one bit of industry jargon to kill off, what would it be and why?

It’s difficult to pick just one – there are so many buzz words that have come and gone…. before we can all say “programmatic”.  It’s just the nature of our industry and in some ways, to stay current, we often find that we all end up saying very similar things – cringe worthy or not!. But if pressed, some buzz words that our team think have reached their expiry date would have to be ‘content creation’ and ‘amplification’, but we don’t think they’re going away any time soon….


About Sharon Zeev Poole


With over 15 years experience in the public relations industry, Sharon has worked with high profile brands around the world including Warner Bros. Pictures and Starbucks Coffee. Sharon founded Agent99 Public Relations in January 2007, which over the past decade, has represented clients in the consumer, lifestyle and corporate industries, working with Evian, MTV, William Grant & Sons, Buderim Ginger, the Hunter Valley region and many more.

Agent99 Public Relations is a highly-creative public relations company that is trusted by some of Australia’s most loved brands to build their profile, manage their reputation and deliver bold brand campaigns that capture national attention and make audiences sit up, take notice, and act.