5 things you can do immediately to up the game on your campaigns

When you spend your days racing the clock to meet the next deadline, there are times where losing tenacity for thinking outside of the box can happen to the best of us.

We’re always proactive at Agent99 to ensure this doesn’t happen to any of our client’s campaigns.  So, we’ve pulled together a little checklist of things you can easily implement  with your client to up the game immediately:

  1. How can your latest media relations campaign be supported by video content? When you’re getting to the nitty gritty of a subject, and can be easy to focus too much on written content and too little on visuals (infographics, etc.). Why not take your next media relations campaign to the next level with a supporting video? This can be extremely affordable for brands on a small budget these days, and with the right video, you can blow a campaign or even a single press release pitch out of the water.
  2. Often with B2C brands, the aim is to help market their products to consumers. And, at times their awesome back business story can be overlooked, although it can present an incredible opportunity to secure earned media coverage for the company and their products. Take a look at the B2C brands you’re working with right now and start digging for those nuggets of gold with the business owner or CEO. You might be surprised when you find out how PR’able their biz story actually is!
  3. Talk to your B2B clients about pulling together some data. Media love well-rounded statistics that add some serious cred to your pitches. Ask your clients what their database looks like and how receptive they might be to receiving a few questions, whether these are incentivized or not. Just remember, media generally need 1,000+ respondents in order to deem the research as sound.
  4. Case studies can be timely to compile, but they can also bring a really nice human element to a story, and for some media this is gold. Work closely with your client to see what they can come up with – just make sure your talent is very comfortable and open to talking to media, because any hesitation at the last minute can see the whole thing fall apart.
  5. Ask your client how analytics are tracking. It’s so easy to get caught up in your own KPIs, whether it is earned media reach or the number of hits on the board to the point that overall business goals can be over looked. For instance, when was the last time you checked in with your client to see how website traffic or sales were tracking? In this day and age, where every dollar spent is accountable, these measures should be put in place prior to a campaign kicking off, and should be measured regularly. Proving your worth doesn’t just come down to that beautiful flat lay one of your key Instagram influencers just produced!

Agent Mich