8 tips for an effective PR Plan

There’s nothing more satisfying than ticking off a to-do list. A well-thought out PR plan that gets the tick will leave you and your client happy and rewarded.  So how do you and your client become the next power couple? Follow our eight top tips for an effective PR plan.

  1. Objectives

First thing’s first, you need to outline the objectives of the campaign. This is important so that both you and the client are clear about what it is that you’re trying to achieve from the outset. These objectives should be SMART- specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed. In doing so, both you and your client can track your success and have a well thought out plan that cohesively matches expectations.

  1. Measurement:

Return of investment, otherwise known as ROI is important for any healthy client relationship. PR metrics can be complicated. However, businesses can benefit from the vast array of free tools online, such as google analytics which tracks success and audience engagement. PR businesses can also measure their output by tracking engagement, mentions and bounce rates. However, the ways industries measure their PR success or failure is dependent on both the client’s needs and company capabilities.

At Agent99 we see the value in referring back to the client’s budget and total coverage to determine how successful we are with a campaign. Tracking our coverage in our well-loved excel coverage logs can help us measure our progress. The more total likes/followers our influencer or news outlet has, the larger the reach of the campaign. To keep our clients updated on our whereabouts, we ensure we send out our media coverage to them as it comes in. This builds momentum, drive and satisfaction for us as we tangibly see the outcomes of our work. Similarly, the client feels acknowledged and supported throughout the campaign.

  1. Audience:

Knowing your target audience is important for an effective PR plan. Determining which groups you want to communicate with is a fundamental element of PR. For example, there is less productivity in targeting an older audience through young outlets, such as Instagram, as the audience is likely to be located elsewhere, such as television.  It is important that you discuss the audience with your client as it can critically affect the results of the campaign. Refining the audience or breaking it up into groups will also ensure that the message is delivered to the right consumer.

  1. Research:

An effective PR plan involves thorough research. When research is conducted effectively, it eliminates bias (relying on the PR team to assume a perception of the client’s image) and determines a realistic picture of how the public perceives the client. This is important in determining any areas of improvement for the client’s image, as well as communicating something new about the client’s image.  Utilising both primary and secondary data can ensure a thorough understanding of the client’s situation.

Here at Agent99 we understand that research is an integral aspect of the PR plan. We try to utilise secondary data by researching our target audience, their interests, hobbies and patterns. We also ensure that we research our influencers before reaching out to them. This is to ensure that they have the right fit with the client’s audience, as well as ensuring our content corresponds with the influencer’s audience. Consequently, we like to make this a win-win for the influencer and client.

  1. Strategy:

An effective PR strategy will help target communication to the right audience. Additionally, the strategy should meet the objectives set between you and the client and link to your research into the client and their situation. An effective strategy can build connection with customers, employees and the general public. This achieves the end goal which is to create a good reputation coupled with brand recognition for the client. Additionally, the strategy is integral in providing a road-map for a public response during the time of the campaign.

  1. Creative:

For an effective PR plan it is important for PR agencies to consider creative, such as blogs, Instagram, Facebook and other outlets. In a saturated online environment, it is difficult to be heard by consumers. However, a way to push through all the noise is to think and write creatively. Consumers desire engagement and catchy content, so engaging consumers in a creative way may be all it takes to catch their attention.

At Agent99 we conduct brainstorming sessions with our team. In doing so, we can bounce off each other’s ideas to consider the most creative solution. We also promote our clients on our Instagram page to generate awareness and reinforce the strategy.

  1. Timeline:

Creating a realistic timeline is important for an effective PR plan. This gives the business and the client something to follow as well as a clear map of how to achieve the end goal. Here at Agent 99 we always create a timeline for our clients. We find that this facilitates clear communication with the client, as well as making it easier for us to track and report on our progress.

  1. Resources:

Finally, it is important to set up the resources needed for your PR plan. Resources need to match your time and budget, so it is important to consider alternatives before proceeding with only one option.

Following these steps can help you achieve an effective PR plan that in-turn meets your client’s needs. If you’d prefer to ditch the fuss of a PR plan and have it constructed for you, you know where to find us.

Agent Rach