Building brand awareness through Instagram stories

Instagram took Snapchat’s lead and hopped on board with the feature of “stories.” Stories are essentially a 24 hour period where a user can upload content to a timeline that can be viewed until those 24 hours is up.

With 500 million active users a day, Instagram seems like the ideal place to build a brand with such an involved audience. The story feature is a dynamic way to create content and deliver it through a different avenue than a standard photo feed. According to eMarketers, the story feature has already generated $1.5 billion and is expected to rise to $5 billion in the coming future.

Marketers are desperate to take advantage of these numbers and trying to appear visible across users’ feeds.

Here are 5 ways to optimise the story feature in order to build your brand via Instagram:

  1. Offer a promotion that can only be accessed in the 24 hour period

Offering a promotion for a limited time creates a sense of urgency and excitement for users. The users feel that if they want this offer they can only gain access to it in this short time frame and the call to action is stronger. You can achieve this by posting a coupon code or directing your users to a link on your page.

  1. Let your followers see what goes on behind the scenes

Engaging with your audience creates more brand presence and interaction, allowing for a meaningful relationship to be formed. Behind the scenes allows the consumer to engage in the journey and put a face behind a brand. Instead of appearing as a brand with one-dimensional posts and concepts, you are allowing them to connect on an intimate and personal level.

  1. Push users to your website with call to actions like “Click the link in our bio”

Normally users might not actively seek to click links in the bio of a profile unless they are being pushed to or it entices them. This is a powerful tool to push traffic to a particular area of your website where you want users to be engaged.

  1. Invite an influencer to take over your Instagram story for an event

This is a great way to spread awareness of your brand and build a bigger following. An influencer with a significant following on their own account can attract users who would not normally interact with your brand. If the influencer is genuine and trusted by their followers, users will be more likely to trust your brand and key messages.  This collaboration alone has great potential with increased engagement and developing a personality for your brand.

  1. Lastly, use analytics!

After applying some of these tactics to build your brand’s awareness, you will be able to determine what posts are resonating with your audience or having the biggest impact. These analytical tools can be quite complex and can provide you with endless amounts of data. In order to benefit from this data, you should look at which posts are producing results, the best time of day to post and the demographics of your users. These are just a few!

Agent Intern Austin