Ginger Rally 2017: In a Nutshell

gingFor the second year in a row, Buderim Ginger enlisted Agent99 to put on an amazingly successful Ginger Pride Rally. We are so excited to finally reveal our results – and show everyone these cute pics of ginger babies.

The biggest evidence of success is in attendee number. Compared to last year’s attendees, which drew whopping 1000 people, the 2017 rally bumped that number up 50% to 1500 attendees!

The rally was held with amazing weather and crazy costumes, making it the perfect day for an Insta pic (#BuderimGinger!) Our efforts at Agent99 resulted in 83 total pieces of social media published and contributed to our total 241 pieces of overall coverage. Now all of these numbers may seem very trite, however, without freaking out, we are here today to report that we managed to reach an overall of 31 million people. Absolutely insane. And even crazier when you remember that last year’s rally reached 25 million.

The rally in Melbourne played host to 1500 redheads, caught the attention of several top tier media, AND our team at Agent99 got to indulge in the leftover #goginger cans and these delicious press kits:

We found that with our approach to this event we had to be really engaging with our audience. Our news releases were fun, we had passionate influencers and our spokesperson Luttsy was completely made for the job. Most importantly everyone involved understood that this event could not have run without the wonderful gingers themselves. Buderim Ginger was on the ground keeping folks hydrated and happy. Our marchers were jamming out to the live music, holding hilarious posters and giving very professional news interviews.

As always, the combination of an amazing concept and a wonderful team to pull it all together made for an incredible day and, more importantly, a treasure trove of media coverage for the client!