Why Influencer Marketing Matters!


Influencer marketing is now a must-have marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes, as more and more are seeing the benefits of spreading their messages through social media as well as traditional marketing. Influencer networks are allowing brands and agencies to reach their audiences in much more engaging and authentic ways through the use of a growing breed of online ambassadors. According to Tessa Wegert, a business reporter for ClickZ, Influencers are more valuable to brands now than ever before thanks to their ability to deliver on social chatter, earned media and action.

With Influencer Marketing still very new on the scene, there is still plenty of scepticism around whether or not the benefits are actually there, and whether we can even measure the results effectively. But brands get to know Influencer Marketing better by the day, the results and effects are also becoming much clearer.

Popular Influencer agency Theright.fit has released some statistics around the role Influencers are playing on consumer behaviour – we found them so insightful, we wanted to share them with you!

  • 78 percent of brands increased their content output in the last two years but content engagement decreased by 60 percent. This statistic demonstrates that content marketing needs influencer marketing to be successful.
  • 92 percent of people trust recommendations from individuals over brands!
  • 25 percent of web traffic is driven by Facebook alone.
  • 50 percent year on year is the pace of Instagram’s annual user growth.
  • 74 percent of consumers use social media to make purchase decisions.
  • 8 in 10 of the most influential people for teen audiences are YouTube stars; this number continues to grow each year, pushing traditional celebrities further down the list.
  • 81 percent of marketers who have used influencer marketing judged it to be effective.
  • 51 percent of marketers believe they get better customers from influencer marketing because relationships begin with a trusted influencer.
  • 37 percent better retention is reported for customers acquired through word-of-mouth advertising.
  • 59 percent of marketers will increase influencer marketing budgets in 2016 but you have to ensure that the influencers fit with your brand.
  • Finally, 47 percent of online customers use ad block technology! The only way to reach these customers is to provide content from people they trust.

Keep in mind, finding the right Influencers for your brand is still key. Ensure you assess their potential to impact your target audience by looking at not just their reach (number of followers) but also engagement (number of comments & Likes), and select those with fans who fit in best with your brand’s own unique market.