The Invisible Tool That All PR Professionals Can Use

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Thanks to an enlightening piece of marketing news that popped up on my Facebook feed, this week I walked away with a new tool under my belt, the knowledge that without empathy, a campaign is just an empty shell.

Specifically, the article focused on evolving employees into ambassadors to deliver a personalised experience to consumers online. A move found to help display empathy to create a stronger connection with the target audience. The key message was that anyone who is still trying to push a brand’s image on social media without a story will fail, as the emotional connection and mutual understanding that the audience gets from a campaign should be achieved organically and never forced.

This move can be seen in the current industry environment by Coca-Cola and Samsung, who have transformed their advertising to strategically target a specific demographic and create community ambassadors for the brand. By doing this, they have ensured that at every touchpoint the audience has experienced some form of marketing, whether it’s from their own official posts or word of mouth. With so many brands competing for audience attention and companies constantly trying to reduce brand parity it is easy to see how promoting shared values can set you apart from other major brands.

The main thing I took away from this article was that not all communication with consumers should be physical or from a commercial standpoint. As some of the most successful and unique campaigns interact with the feelings and beliefs of the consumer by a telling a story that audiences can empathise with.
Agent Intern Sam xx