Is it too late for a 2017 Christmas Campaign?

Mmmm.…well…. Some would say ‘hell yes’…. But at Agent99, we have a different philosophy on ‘making SH*T happen’.  So, *depending on what it is*, where there’s a will there is a way!

We represent many gorgeous food, beverage and entertainment brands, and this time of year is absolutely crucial for the success of their entire year’s targets.  For that reason, many brands have been planning their Christmas season onslaught for months.

If, for whatever reason, you haven’t been quite as fortunate to have the luxury of creating a robust strategy – here are some of our top tips for easy comms tactics you could roll out to connect with your key audience in the lead up to Christmas:

1. Create a compelling video that uses your product in context. Video production costs have come down significantly over the last number of years given the constant hunger for content.  Using your product in a way that’s relevant to Christmas (and to your consumer) will allow them to relate to it, potentially share it (if it’s really great) and keep it top of mind during the all-important gifting season.  For example, you may have a mix beverage, such as Ginger Beer.  People do a heap of entertaining (and drinking!) during the festive season, so show them how they could make three marvellous cocktails using your brand.  This can be used across your owned channels such as your website and social media platforms, and can also be pushed across earned and paid media outlets.

2. Send your product to a select and targeted number of citizen influencers and short lead media outlets. Long lead media such as women’s monthly magazines, have well and truly gone to print.  So you’ve missed those gift guides unfortunately!  However, never fear, if digital media outlets and key bloggers/influencers are where your audience gets their latest news, think of a fun creative idea that not only incorporates your product, but gives them an opportunity to develop a flat lay concept that will look amazing as a post.  It will drive visibility of your product with the right message, at the right time.  Remember, it’s all about being top of mind at this time of year.

3. Create the ultimate prize packs and run a ’12 days of Christmas’ giveaway on your website and promote this heavily through social channels. Everyone loves a freebie!  Especially at this time of year.  So get creative and come up with fun pack giveaways incorporating your brand that people won’t be able to resist!  Then promote the heck out of it and drive people to your site to not only view your offerings but enter their details for you to remarket to them at a later stage.  Win-win for everyone!

And if this is all too overwhelming… you know where we are….a little street in Surry Hills called Nichols.  OK, too hard? Just email me Sharon@agent99pr.com  We’ll sort you out.

Agent Sharon