Why it’s time for your agency to start a company blog

Here at Agent99 we clearly see the merit in having a company blog! But why do we feel so strongly about it is the real question? Here are the top reasons we believe an agency blog is a must-have (and why you should start one too!):

To give your agency a voice: Writing a blog will enable prospective clients or employees to get a feel for your agency, the work that you do and the type of people you employ through your writing, tone of voice and style. Not only this, but posting relevant and interesting content is a great way to let those reading know a little bit more about you and what your agency stands for. A blog can also enable you to offer your company’s opinion on industry news and current topics.

Allow you to stand out from the crowd: In a seriously oversaturated market (there are 400 PR agencies in Sydney alone!) it’s imperative that you do everything you can to make your agency stand out from the rest. A blog is a great and interactive way to add another element to your website that other agencies may not offer.

Drive traffic to your website: Don’t rely on potential clients to stumble across your company website. By posting relevant content and often to your agency blog, you open up your chances of posts being seen by clients searching buzzwords/keywords you may have used. Every blog post is another opportunity for you to show up in search engines. Blog posts can also be shared by others as content on social media – another great way to make sure your website is being seen lots of times. On top of this, all traffic that comes to your website via your blog may consist of your next paying client!  The blog can also be used within your content marketing strategy and pushed out through your owned social media channels and promoted to new target audiences to drive additional interest in your brand.

Showcase your accomplishments: An agency blog is a great way to let prospective clients know about all of your amazing accomplishments. Don’t leave it up to them to do the hard work! By outlining on your blog the awards you’ve scooped up, client wins, coverage secured and more, clients can’t miss all the amazing things you’ve been up to.

Establish yourself as an authority: Clearly your agency blog will cover content relevant to your industry and it should act as a resource to your readers. By centring your blog content on industry trends, news and issues, you’ll establish yourself as an authority on these subjects. People will continue to read your blog if it educates by providing relevant and valuable information on a subject you have knowledge on.

Good luck with your blog!

Agent Rachel