Tips to effectively managing your work day

There’s no denying that PR is an incredibly fast paced industry, and it’s a job that often comes with a heavy workload that entails multitasking and teamwork.

At the moment at Agent99 we’re fortunate enough to be working with a range of amazing clients across different sectors, and pitching for great upcoming projects as well. Although many workplaces might be winding down as the end of the year looms, that definitely isn’t the case for us, and it’s just as important as ever to work smarter.

So to help you manage your workload effectively, here are our top tips for completing tasks to the highest standard, and with as little unnecessary stress as possible:

Complete the most important tasks first

Many misjudge the importance of starting your working day by making a to-do list of what you need to complete, instead mistakenly jumping straight into the work. By making this error you’re more likely to spend too much time on simple tasks that actually don’t require much energy.

At Agent99 we have team WIP’s each morning and write down our key focuses for the day ahead, so we can all get through our activities accordingly and effectively.

Dedicate a set time frame for each task

Once you have a list for the day ahead, ensure that you are setting a timeframe for each and every task to be completed. Having set time periods brings the mentality that there is no room for procrastination, and helps with focus levels. If you do get through tasks quicker than expected, spend the remaining time (as long as it isn’t too long!) to do something that will refresh your brain, like make a tea, go for a brief walk or read the news.

Don’t get put offside by interruptions

If your workplace is anything like at Agent99, you’ll know that working as a team is one of the best things about the job. Working in close team environments mean there are often times where you’re needed for advice, or to participate in a last minute brainstorm, and you need to be flexible. But instead of letting that throw you off guard – embrace it! If you follow the above steps, interruptions may mean one thing on your list needs to wait until tomorrow, but it doesn’t cause any missed deadlines or stress that could’ve been avoided.

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