Media Relations and Publicity

Media Relations
and Publicity
To effectively broadcast brand messages to your target market and increase awareness, it’s crucial that you utilise the right channels.
While traditional forms of media such as print, radio and television are still very important, the effect that the internet has had in terms of where and how people consume information has radically changed the game. Whether it be online or via other means, media relations is about developing relationships with the right media outlets and earning coverage that essentially works as an unpaid advertisement for your brand. Studies show that reading about a company in the news is considerably more influential to consumers than seeing or hearing a conventional ad. Having a robust media relations strategy in place goes a long way in building credibility with your target audience over time.
Agent 99’s network of media outlets, websites, bloggers, influencers,  podcasters and local and international news media allows us to put your brand in the optimal position, earning more positive coverage. This can have a real and measurable effect on your reputation, credibility and ultimately your bottom line.
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