Anders Sorman-Nilsson 
“Seamless” Book Launch

Anders Sorman-Nilsson
“Seamless” Book Launch


  • Anders Sorman-Nilsson is a globally renowned speaker on futurism and innovation strategy, and is a best-selling author.

  • Based on previous successes, Anders commissioned Agent99 to launch his new book Seamless to secure coverage and position him as a global thought leader in the space of seamlessly integrating digital aspects of a traditionally analogue business.

  • As well as raising awareness and generating coverage in relevant publications, the goal was to increase book sales and assist in securing speaking and consulting opportunities.


  • To effectively promote Seamless and Anders, Agent99 developed a strategic PR campaign that was tailored to generating earned media coverage across B2B and B2C audiences.

  • To target relevant B2B journalists, Agent99 distributed creative kits that included suitcases and a copy of the book strapped to the inside so that they could commence their ‘seamless’ journey in line with both Ander’s brand and the book’s content.

  • In addition, Agent99 secured a wide range of earned media through a series of engaging releases aimed at the B2C audience that conveyed Ander’s expertise in relation to breaking news within the technology and workplace spaces.


  • In two months, over 30+ pieces of targeted earned media coverage was secured, reaching over 5 million people.

  • Seamless was reviewed, and Anders was featured in The Sydney Morning Herald, Chanel 7’s The Morning Show, ABC News National, Huffington Post and 2GB as some of the highlights.

  • The campaign significantly increased sales of Seamless and lead to notable speaking opportunities for Anders.

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