Winery & Esca Restaurant


  • Bimbadgen is one of the Hunter Valley’s premium brands, winning Australia’s ‘Best Tourism Winery’ on three separate occasions.

  • With Bimbadgen’s tagline ‘Seen in all the right places’, the brand challenged Agent99 to engage a younger demographic with the propensity to spend on fashion, entertainment and travel, in a different way to other Australian wineries.


  • Agent99 created a strategy to reach online outlets, influencers, traditional yet targeted media, and consumers with an immediate and viral impact.

  • On Halloween, Agent99 launched a ‘themed virtual twitter tasting series’ Where influencers, online and traditional media outlets were invited to take part in an exclusive virtual wine tasting with Bimbadgen’s Head Winemaker. Participants were sent packs with specific Bimbadgen wines, tasting notes and interactive props. The approach pushed the boundaries of wine tasting in a digital age.


  • The first Twitter tasting dubbed #nottheusualbimbadgen resulted in 250,000 Twitter impressions for Bimbadgen in an hour. Participants shared thoughts on Bimbadgen wines and created engagement amongst their own individual communities.


  • The second event, tied to Easter as a chocolate and wine virtual pairing, was even bigger. 60 participants nationally attracted 750,000 impressions for #thirstforbimbadgen in just over an hour and the event was the second highest trending topic on Twitter for the day.


  • Media visits to the property, profiling Bimbadgen’s award winning Head Winemaker and Chef, product sampling at fashion/retail events, giveaways with prominent influencers, along with features secured in top tier media outlets such as Delicious, Cosmopolitan, TimeOut, Yahoo7 and many more resulted in over 100+ pieces of earned media coverage and a reach of over ten million people.


  • The campaign significantly increased visits to the venue and dramatically amplified Bimbadgen’s online presence.

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