Expert Digital PR Services in Sydney

With the advent of the internet, gone are the days of solely relying on traditional PR alone to build your brand image and reach your target audiences. Digital PR has risen as a major player in promoting your business through various online mediums, however, many companies aren’t able to fully utilise digital systems (i.e., social media) in their favour.

At Agent99 HQ in Sydney, we employ digital PR strategies such as acquiring and strengthening high-quality backlinks (i.e., hyperlinks that lead pages to rank higher in Google), increasing social media engagement, utilising Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and more to help your business establish a long-lasting online presence without too many roadblocks arising.

How Can Investing in Digital PR Services Benefit Your Business?

We aim to thoroughly research and understand your business in its entirety so we can look at all the underlying details. By recognising our clients’ business strengths and weaknesses, we are able to build a robust digital PR strategy to capture and engage your audience.

To help our clients prosper in today’s competitive digital landscape, Agent99, located in Sydney, offers a wide range of digital PR services:

• Influencer Marketing: We employ influencer marketing as a digital PR tactic to grow our clients’ business online presence and gain social credibility amongst target audiences.
• Backlinking: Acquiring high-quality backlinks, as part of SEO, is another vital component to building a good digital PR strategy to ensure your business ranks well and has organic traffic flowing to it.
• Social Media Engagement: Our team in Sydney can completely manage your business’ social media platforms to promote organic growth by increasing your online reach via timely posting of content, videos, reels etc., and analysing the result of the strategy for further improvement as needed.
• Digital PR for Events: Effective event promotions and product launches now require a well-rounded Digital PR strategy to succeed and achieve desired results.
• Content Creation: Using our content creation services, your brand visibility will increase, site traffic will increase, and your customers will be more inclined to trust your brand.

How Do We Help Manage a PR Crisis?

A PR crisis such as, negative press, can blindside your business operations and cause damage to your brand’s image and/or reputation. For such cases, our Agent99 team in Sydney is always ready with a crisis response plan to completely handle such incidents and prevent any harm to your business image. Moreover, we engage in immediate damage control if a continuing incident generates sudden, adverse outcomes that further tarnish your organisation’s prestige.

Digital PR Campaigns: How Do We Run Them?

Running a digital PR campaign doesn’t only focus on one or two steps, but rather it’s an entire process with many aspects to consider. Our team in Sydney carefully plans out the strategy for the campaign by carrying out in-depth research across all potential marketing channels, ensuring to follow through with steps specifically designed for your business. These steps include determining the target audience, driving traffic to the company website, and boosting brand awareness and reputation.

How Can Digital PR Success be Measured?

To track how your strategy is faring, we use digital PR and tracking tools, such as Google Analytics and those used across social media channels like Facebook Business Manager, which allows you to monitor traffic, views, and so much more for your business page(s).

In addition, the progress of a digital PR strategy might not always show immediate results, but it can be monitored and improved, and for this reason, we also benchmark so we can track your success over time.

Why Should You Use Our Digital PR Services?

At Agent99, we are committed to providing our clients with the best digital PR strategy for your organisation, so you don’t have to lift a finger at any point. So, pick up the phone and contact our Sydney team at 02 9779 0999 today to chat about the future of your business!

Short Term 
PR Project

With so many brands vying for attention, getting quality earned media coverage is becoming more and more challenging.
Often brands make the mistake of thinking that once an interview with a journalist is secured, the hard work is done, but at Agent99 PR we’re adamant that for a brand spokesperson to nail an interview, is just as important. 
To assist spokespeople and brand leaders, Agent99 offers media training services to help develop the skills that allow you to get your brand’s key messages across in a meaningful yet succinct way.
Once mastered, journalists will come back to you again and again to utilise your expertise, and best of all, you’ll benefit just as equally by getting your brand offering across to your target audience in a meaningful way. 
Our bespoke half day or full day sessions (for one up to six people) offer: 

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