Social Media Strategy

Being able to pinpoint the who, what and why about your brand is a key first step in planning content that will result in an engaged and consistently growing audience.  This is something that we at Agent99 know a thing or two about. Once we have formulated a strategy, you may choose to execute the plan with your team, or you may decide to let us help you manage your channels. See here for more. (Link here to social media management page)
To do this, Agent99 will:

Social Media

Social media, influencers, algorithms and more can be a bit of a minefield unless you know where to start, and that’s where we come in. Having navigated the social landscape and its constant and rapid evolution, we have the know-how to get a foot in the door for your brand, and to allow you to cut through the noise and reach the people that really matter to you.
We understand how hard it can be to navigate different social channels, where to start and how to do exactly the right things to feed the algorithms to achieve success so we work closely with you and your team to build a strong community and an engaged audience that results in your individual campaign objectives.
To break it down, here’s how we go about this:

Influencer Marketing Agency Sydney

Researching, reaching out to and managing influencers can be a full-time job! We have worked with many influencers across a multitude of industries and know exactly who you need to engage with to take your campaign to the next level.
Here’s what we do:

Influencer Marketing

Researching, reaching out to and managing influencers can be a full-time job! We have worked with many influencers across a multitude of industries and know exactly who you need to engage with to take your campaign to the next level.
Here’s what we do:
1/ Strategy session
We sit down with you to discuss your campaign objectives, establish if influencer relations make sense for your brand, and if so, determine how to leverage influencers to really engage your audience and increase brand awareness within your target market.
2/ Research, research, research
We draw on our existing contacts, and spend time carefully researching the influencers that speak to your campaign objectives to ensure that each and every influencer we work with will not only be the right fit for your brand but enable you to cut through the noise and reach your audience in an authentic way. We also take care to vet each influencer we engage with to guarantee their audience authenticity and relevance, their true reach and engagement, as well as overall brand suitability to ensure they deliver on each of your aims.
3/ Negotiate
We spend time finding contact details, as well as crafting pitch emails discussing your brand’s needs, before getting in touch with each influencer to pre-negotiate requirements. We also draft carefully worded briefs to ensure key words, messages, and hashtags are included in each and every post to really maximise each influencer’s involvement in your campaign – whether contra or paid.
4/ Follow up
We complete extensive follow up to ensure that all influencers post in a timely manner so that your campaign really gets noticed and will report the success of each initiative upon completion!
Fees start at $2,000 plus GST per month plus ad spend  where required (pending scope).
Call us today to see how influencers can help your brand.
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Celebrity & Influencer Seeding

With so many brands vying for attention, getting quality earned media coverage is becoming more and more challenging.
Often brands make the mistake of thinking that once an interview with a journalist is secured, the hard work is done, but at Agent99 PR we’re adamant that for a brand spokesperson to nail an interview, is just as important. 
To assist spokespeople and brand leaders, Agent99 offers media training services to help develop the skills that allow you to get your brand’s key messages across in a meaningful yet succinct way.
Once mastered, journalists will come back to you again and again to utilise your expertise, and best of all, you’ll benefit just as equally by getting your brand offering across to your target audience in a meaningful way. 
Our bespoke half day or full day sessions (for one up to six people) offer: 


Aligning yourself with like-minded brands is a key way to reach new and relevant audiences and doing so is something we excel at. (We’re also really modest!)
Here’s how we work to secure partnerships that will elevate your brand:

Influencer marketing is one of the leading strategies used today.


Because it lends a trusted voice to your brand, while bringing an awareness to it that you may not have achieved through other strategies. Today, influencers come in all shapes and sizes, and what they have in common is a community of loyal and engaged followers.

Utilising an influencer marketing strategy can achieve genuine marketing results, and while the concept has been around in one form or another for years, it has evolved to walk the tight rope of official testimonials and subtle brand placement.

Movie stars, sportspeople and celebrities still add huge weight to your branding and image, but there’s a whole new group of blogging, Instagram and YouTube stars that can deliver your branded message to thousands of potential Australian customers. Whether it’s through product mentions in YouTube videos, or featuring on a popular Instagram, there are now dozens of platforms and internet ‘stars’ able to deliver your message to the Sydney public.

Agent99 Public Relations: A Leading Influencer Marketing Agency

Our Sydney team of public relations experts don’t go into influencer marketing blind. We understand not only the general digital marketing landscape, but we do the research into your industry to identify key influencers that will generate the highest level of ROI. We find the right high-profile bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers to represent your product and brand in a positive light. We also have our finger on the pulse of the rise of micro-influencers, so that we can find the right influencer that aligns with your targeted audience on all levels.

We are trusted by Sydney businesses to deliver a high level of public relations results for them, and influencer marketing is just one of the numerous strategies our team use to generate buzz around your brand name.

Want to Discover How an Influencer Can Impact Your Marketing Strategy?

Then let’s chat.

When you hire Agent99 Public Relations, you get experienced marketing advice from modern day PR experts. Our team will work hard to structure a highly researched, intelligently targeted and fully integrated PR campaign that generates results for you. We can include everything from influencer marketing, event and product launches, to traditional radio, TV and web advertising. We do it all, and we get results no matter what.

For more information on influencer marketing, to set up a meeting with our PR team, or if you just have a few questions, give us a call. We are happy to discuss exactly how our PR services can help your business and brand grow.

Additionally, you can view our case studies online to see the bigger picture.


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