Generate brand awareness with influencer marketing in Sydney

Influencer marketing is one of the biggest tactics modern businesses are using to achieve genuine marketing results. While influencer marketing has been around in one form or another for years (company spokesman/movie star endorsements), who is counted as an ‘influencer’ has changed and the concept of influencer marketing has evolved to walk the tight rope of official testimonial and subtle brand placement.

Movie stars, sportsman and celebrities still add huge weight to your branding and image, but there’s a whole new group of blogging, Instagram and YouTube stars that can deliver your branded message to thousands of potential Australian customers. Whether it’s through product mentions in YouTube videos, or featuring on a popular Instagram, there are now dozens of platforms and internet ‘stars’ able to deliver your message to the Sydney public.

Influencer marketing at Agent99 Public Relations

Our Sydney team of public relations experts don’t go into influencer marketing blind. We understand not only the general digital marketing landscape, but we do the research into your industry to identify key influencers that will generate the highest level of ROI. We find the right high profile bloggers, Instagramers and YouTubers to represent your product and brand in a positive light.

We are trusted by Sydney businesses to deliver a high level of public relations results for them, and influencer marketing is just one of the numerous tactics our team uses to generate buzz around your brand name.

When you hire Agent99 Public Relations, you get experienced marketing advice from modern day PR experts. Our team will work hard to structure a highly researched and intelligently target PR campaign that generates results for you. We can include everything from influencer marketing, event and product launchers, to traditional radio, TV and web advertising. We do it all, and we get results.

For more information on influencer marketing, to set up a meeting with our PR team, or if you just have a few questions, give us a call. We are happy to discuss exactly how our PR services can help your business and brand grow.