One of the most trusted public relations agencies in Sydney

Agent99 Public Relations is a highly-creative public relations company that is trusted by some of Australia’s most loved brands to build their profile, manage their reputation and deliver bold brand campaigns that capture national attention and make audiences sit up, take notice, and act.
Built on strong strategic capabilities, we leverage our strengths in B2B public relations, experiential, and the social media space to start real conversations with consumers. Few other PR agencies have the ability, drive and passion for results driven campaigns that we do.

Delivering standout public relations campaigns that people just can’t help talking about is at the core of our mission. Our constant pursuit and celebration of unbeatable results is part of our DNA, and makes us one of the best corporate PR agencies in Sydney. If you’re looking for B2B or B2C PR services that will set your brand apart from the rest, contact us today.



  • Channel 7 The Morning Show Executive Producer, Sarah Stinson

    "Although often asked - this is the first time I have written a testimonial for a PR agency. Agent99 PR is the real deal. They understand what I need and how to deliver it. Experience, honesty, creativity, clarity, brevity - that is all I want from a publicist. Agent99 PR ticks all the boxes."

  • Former Australian Financial Review Editor and Journalist, Rachel Lebihan

    "The Agent99 PR team is a professional, efficient and fun crew to work with. Enquiries are dealt with promptly and followed up in a responsible manner.

    They offer just the right amount of guidance and support, yet know just when to step back and let journalists steer their own course."

  • Modern Home Magazine Editor, Selina Gordevich

    "Agent99 is organised, efficient, friendly and understanding of deadlines. It’s so refreshing to find a PR agency so in-tune with what journalists need! As soon as I see an email pop-up from Agent99 PR I know that it’s either a great product, cool project or wonderful event that I can use in the magazine. I have a very short list of 'go-to' PR agencies when I need editorial quickly and Agent99 is at the top of my list."


  • SCA Hygiene Australasia (makers of Libra, TENA and Sorbent), Head of Marketing Personal Care, Therese Winterburn

    "We chose Agent99 PR as they were much more than a typical PR agency. They really understood what we were endeavouring to achieve and were totally aligned with our brand.
    Their strategic approach reflected in the results of the campaign, which completely exceeded our expectations."

  • MTV Australia, Former Vh1 & Digital Marketing Manager, Annette Staglieno

    "Agent99 PR delivered well beyond our expectations on every level. They showed true professionalism throughout and were an absolute pleasure to work with. It was great to finally work with a PR agency that just 'got it'. I would definitely recommend Agent99."

  • 3-time bestselling author, Michael McQueen

    "Having worked with numerous PR agencies in the past, Agent99 are unparalleled in their professionalism, creativity and dogged determination to get results. I have been staggered by the coverage they have garnered - more than I could have ever hoped for or imagined."