Tis the season for giving and making resolutions, so here at Agent99 we are resolving your fear of rolling out a communications campaign during the Christmas and New Year period. The secret weapon of this ‘quiet’ period is knowing what tools are at your disposal to generate publicity and awareness for your brand.

Digital and social media: don’t stop content

It’s likely that your target audience will have more time to themselves during this period, meaning they will enjoy the simple pleasures of reading the news, watching TV and browsing social media. By putting your content on break, you could be missing out on brilliant opportunities to connect and reach your customers.

Pitch, pitch and pitch some more

Don’t stop pitching! You’re probably thinking ‘journalists need a break too’ and that’s true, but news doesn’t take a break. Whilst your usual contacts might be on holidays, there is the opportunity to forge new relationships with those covering them. Also, their inbox will be on the leaner side so there is a good chance that the journalist will take their time to read your pitch. So, make it a cracking one!

Timely promotions

Content with a new year or festive date angle such as Australia Day or Valentine’s Day could be exactly what media is looking to right now. Engage them with human interest stories, new products or content that adds value.

If you’re a little behind the game but still want to capitalise on the Christmas excitement, why not create the ultimate prize pack and run a giveaway in the lead up to Christmas on your website then promote this heavily through your social media channels. It’s not only cost-effective and relatively easy to produce, but by driving people to your site, you can get them to view your offerings. For an added bonus, ask them to enter their details so you can engage them at a later stage, or kick off a retargeting campaign that will encourage them to come back and visit your site.