If you haven’t heard, we refreshed our brand recently! We dropped ‘PR’ from our logo to ‘Agent99’ and launched a dynamic new website that communicates our brand’s offering via rich video and gated long form content.

To meet the demands of changing client briefs over the past decade, we’ve grown far beyond the realms of traditional PR and extended our services markedly, particularly in content production.

Rarely does anyone refer to us as ‘Agent99 PR’, so the timing to evolve our branding seemed right and reflective of our journey as a progressive and leading boutique communications agency.

If you’re thinking about rebranding, here are our top tips:

Take your time

This is a big decision for your company, so make sure you don’t rush it! You want to ensure that there is a strong strategy and reasoning behind your rebrand. If not executed properly, rebrands can have the ability to confuse or lose customers.

Do your research

Make sure you conduct thorough research on your main competitors and the overall market. Find out what is missing and how you can fill this gap. However, it’s important that you don’t overcommit and broaden your services excessively. This brings me to the next point… This process will allow you to identify your unique selling proposition (USP). This unique position in the market will differentiate you from your competitors and allow you to focus your energy on catering to your ideal target market.

During our rebrand, we identified two key areas of specialty: the consumer lifestyle space, with emphasis on food, beverage and entertainment brands; and the corporate space where we profile thought leaders, speakers, authors and business brands. This positioning has allowed us to recruit new business in these two sweet spots and progress towards our growth goals.

Stay true to your core values

Although our services have expanded over the years, our core values remain the same. We are still hard-working, results-driven, go above and beyond for our clients and offer strategic creative and unpredictable solutions that deliver outstanding results. We’ve ensured that this rebrand still communicates these values so prospective and current clients know exactly who we are.

Source amazing suppliers

Again, take your time and do extensive research to find suppliers that not only understand your brief but your company. We urge you not to underestimate the time it takes for suppliers to respond to your brief and allow for a few rounds of edits during the process. We outsourced a website developer to bring our new website to life and created a video to communicate our offerings with another supplier. Our vision coupled with their expertise allowed us to create supporting assets that will not only resonate but entice anyone who visits our website.

Launch your rebrand

When you have landed on a new look and feel, create a plan to launch it into market so that your audiences and your industry know all about it.  We chose to communicate our refresh through PR, an EDM to our database and our social channels, which was a successful means of ensuring that our position is made clear to our market.

And if this is a journey you’re embarking on, we can help!  Please contact us today to find out more.

Agent Amelia