The way we communicate with brands, customers and even each other, is constantly changing and evolving. So much so, that it can often be hard to keep up. As with many trends, if you’re not keeping up, you’re falling behind! To make sure you’re ahead of the curve, here we share the top 5 communications trends you won’t want to miss in 2019:

1.  User-generated video is on the rise:

Gone are the days when you needed a whole production crew, a big budget and at least a few days to create a video. In 2019, it’s all about user-generated video, meaning non-professionals shooting videos on their smart phones or iPads to be uploaded onto social media channels instantly. In fact, Hubspot recently revealed that user-generated video has become a powerful marketing tool, able to influence buyer decisions. In 2019 it will be all about encouraging your customers to capture their journey via video that can be shared on your platforms to provide honest and real reviews.

2. Live-streaming will become the norm:

Live-streaming, aka the act of streaming media online in real time, is gaining popularity and for very good reason. Streaming live events, launches or any kind of media content is a great way to reach your audience. With social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram making live-streaming a key feature, brands are jumping on board and coming up with creative ways to engage a larger audience. 2019 is the year to get on board with this trend and attract a loyal fan base through live-streaming content.

3. Things will get personal:

Communication of late has become more and more digitised. However, this year things are going to change. People will stop interacting purely via email, text and social, instead favoring in-person relationships. If this is music to your ears (as it is to ours!), start now by taking the time to pick up the phone, go for coffees and nurture relationships as these will last you far longer than any email communication will!

4. Communication will become measurable:

In 2019, more quantitative measures such as precise demographics and engagement will take precedence. This means new social media monitoring platforms, as well as using data to develop content that really matters. No longer will companies be guessing what their audience wants to see and engage with, this year measures will allow brands to carefully curate communications for their specific audiences, with a clear set of goals and KPIs across every channel.

5. Visual communication will be key:

With the rate that we consume content increasing daily, this year will see marketers, companies and brands alike making consuming media that much easier. Communication will become far more visual, with images, infographics and video taking precedence.

Agent Rachel