The Agent99 team writes a weekly blog, that we each play a role in. It’s a great opportunity for us to connect with our audience, provide them with an insight into what we do as a PR agency, as well as offer them tangible value-add tips that they can use in their own businesses. As such, creating engaging blog content is something we work hard to do.

Thinking of starting a blog yourself or already have one you’d like to see work better for you? Keep reading below for our top tricks on how to create blog content your customers will love to read:

Understand and define your audience: First thing’s first, it’s crucial that for your blog content to resonate with your audience, you need to define exactly who that is as well as understand what they are looking for from you. To do so, a great exercise is to create customer personas, detailing each one’s motivations, frustrations and behaviours in order to ensure that you are creating content that speaks to one of your target groups, in turn converting these people into engaged customers.

Keep it short: With many in business being time poor, long blog reads just aren’t necessary anymore. In fact, the optimum blog post length is just 400-500 words, or even less! Keep yours short, sharp and to the point to ensure your customers keep reading until the very end!

Use graphics: Breaking up written content with images, infographics and videos is a great way to keep your audience interested. Content that isn’t written is also much easier for people to digest, with many studies showing that the average viewer remembers 95% of a message when it is watched, whereas only 10% when read.

Make the most of key words: Defining your company’s key words will not only boost your SEO but will ensure your content appeals to your audience. Make sure to use key words throughout your copy to keep your content on track, as well as searchable for those looking to engage a service or buy a product like yours.

Always add value: Each person that reads your blog should feel as though they have learnt something. Be it a tangible tip they can implement in their workplace, a piece of data that is relevant to their industry or a video with some great content they can utilise in their day to day activities, your blog needs to add value to each reader, or they simply won’t read on.

Creating great content is what we do best! Get in touch with our Director Sharon on 02 9779 0999 to see how we can use awesome content to get your brand noticed.

Agent Rach