So, you think you want to do PR? But how do you know when your brand’s ready? Whether you’re a start-up or a fully established company, knowing when to give PR the green light is tricky, but that’s where we come in. Keep reading to find out the five key questions to ask yourself so that you know when your brand is ready to engage a PR agency:

Do I understand what PR is and what it can do for my brand? First things first; do you know what PR means and what it can achieve for your business? Many brands that get in touch with us don’t fully understand what it is that we do, and that can be tough. Make sure you’ve done your research to establish exactly what PR is, and if it’s the right thing for your brand at the present time. Of course, we can help you decide this, but having a basic understanding of what PR entails and how we can assist your brand always helps.

Do I know who my customer is? Knowing who your audience is, is a crucial step to establish before signing on a PR agency. Defining your target market, who they are, and their habits is essential to create a campaign that has impact and gets your message in front of the people that matter. Again, we can help you narrow this down, but having a good understanding of who you’re selling to will always put you in good stead to do just that.

Do I have budget for PR? PR is a long-term investment, not just a flash in the pan project. Our job is to carefully build brand awareness and reputation, and keep you top of mind within your target market. This takes time to do well and is a continued effort. Establishing your budget before talking to a PR agency is a great idea so that you’re prepared for the costs involved.

Do I know what success looks like? A successful PR campaign looks very different to each client. Whether it’s getting editorial coverage in top-tier outlets, securing a segment on TV, boosting website traffic or increasing Instagram followers, before engaging a PR agency it’s good to define exactly what a successful outcome will be to you. We can then work alongside you to develop meaningful KPIs to measure the success of your individual campaign.

Do I have a point of contact for the campaign? PR is a team effort. Of course, the majority of the work falls to us, but having a point of contact within your company for us to call on for approvals, assets and more, is absolutely crucial. We know how busy you are, and work hard to take things off your plate, but having access to someone from your team who knows the brand and where to find the right information/assets is imperative to make sure the campaign works as well (and smoothly) as possible!

So, do you think you’re ready for PR? Get in touch today to see what we can do for your brand!


Agent Rach.