Media outreach is a public relations practitioner’s bread and butter; it’s what we do and what we do well. But media outreach alone is far from the only PR tactic we employ to get our clients noticed. In fact, we bet you didn’t know that here at Agent99 we also look after events and product launches, create social media strategies, deal with company crises and so much more! Head here to see all of the services that we provide for our clients. For brands looking to work with a PR agency, here’s why PR is so much more than just media outreach (and why you shouldn’t settle for an agency for whom it is!):

It’s PR and communications strategy: Here at Agent99, our team are pros at carefully curating brand messages, stories and ideas that put your brand in the spotlight and get you noticed by all the right people. By combining our communications, public relations, social media, event planning and reputation management skills, we get your audience talking about you in exactly the way you want.

It’s corporate business profiling/B2B PR: Tapping into your business audience isn’t always easy. As such, we work tirelessly to build your thought leadership profile in all the right business outlets.  This may entail working with a ghost writer to draft a book or doing market research for owned content.  We will create a bespoke plan to build your thought leadership in your area of expertise.

It’s events and product launches: Getting media out of the office for events can be tricky! We work with your team to come up with out of the box, awesome event ideas that they simply can’t say no to! What’s more, we take care of everything; from the initial concept, through to finding the perfect venue, suppliers, inviting media and securing attendance to pull off an event media won’t stop talking about. 

It’s social media strategy and execution: We enable you to pinpoint the who, what and why about your brand to allow you to tap into the content your unique audience will want to see. By carefully establishing who your audience is and what content will resonate, we develop a content strategy that speaks to each of these and achieves your overall business goals. We also look after social media management on your behalf; posting at optimum times, engaging with your audience and taking care of community management.

It’s influencer marketing: We establish the individuals that matter to your audience and develop clever ways to engage and leverage them to take your brand to the next level. By choosing the perfect influencers to act as independent advocates for your brand, we give your brand name authenticity and relevance.

It’s copywriting and content creation: As PR practitioners, content creation is in our blood. We can create blog posts, newsletters, EDMs, video scripts and more to allow you to connect in an authentic way with your audience.

When choosing a PR agency, be sure to find one that brings all of these crucial elements to your campaign to allow you to stand out from the crowd and enables your brand to reach new heights through a carefully planned PR strategy!

Get in touch today to see you we can help you with your PR needs.

Agent Rach