Innovation is a buzz word that’s been saturating every industry for years now, but the practicality of implementing an innovation mentality is still uncharted territory for many businesses.

The reality is, in today’s competitive market, innovation is crucial to every company’s long-term success.

In the PR and Communications sector, thinking outside the box is ingrained in our day to day lives, so here are our thoughts on why you should be innovating at every chance you get:

You keep your current clients happy
It’s easy to be complacent in business, but that’s where so many go wrong. Showcasing that you are always working to improve your current offerings will help client retention. At Agent99 we host monthly meetings to discuss different ideas that could work for our clients, to make sure they are constantly being offered fresh ideas.

You stand out from the crowd
Thinking innovatively means you’re giving your customers or clients something different, something that they can’t get anywhere else, and that is priceless. And this doesn’t mean creating a product or idea that is necessarily completely original, it’s about doing it in a way that is unique and better than before. Doing this will naturally attract clientele and have people talking about your brand.

You grow market share
It’s one thing for people to be talking about you, but it’s important that they also take action. By continually innovating, your brand will become recognised for offering new solutions, and you will become their go-to company. This consistency will allow you to grow and scale up faster, so keep at it.

You attract the best team
People who think outside the box want to work for companies that share this vision, and they are much more likely to be inspired by an employer who backs their ideas and puts them into action. By fostering this attitude, your company could become more desirable to top talent. So, take calculated risks and invest in making things the team is passionate about happen.

You learn new skills more often
By pushing yourself to innovate you’ll constantly be developing new skills. As daunting as this might seem, it’s much more exciting than staying stagnant. You don’t need to throw yourself straight in the deep end.  One thing we do at Agent99 that would be simple for any team to do is share global campaigns that we love that showcase innovation each week. It only takes a few minutes, but it showcases what other companies are doing on a world scale and inspires you to think of your own unique ideas.

Good luck, and if you need any assistance in generating out-of-the-box ideas, get in touch with us today by emailing for a free 30-minute consult with our Director Sharon Zeev Poole.

Agent Nic