Welcome to the 2nd installment of “Ask the Agents” which is a video series we’ve created to answer your PR, marketing and communications questions to help provide much needed free advice and support during COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Thank you to everyone who’s submitted a question. This week’s episode features our Director and Founder, Sharon answering your questions on the following topics:

  • Can I still achieve brand visibility at this time?
  • Would launching a PR campaign during COVID-19 be perceived as being opportunistic?
  • Are Influencers still worth the investment? Should I be partnering with them to help promote my brand, or is my money best spend in traditional advertising?

Got a question? Submit yours by clicking the link below! We’ll be answering more of your questions in next week’s episode of “Ask the Agents”.

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By Agent Sharon & Agent Em

Agent99 is an award-winning PR and communications agency based in Sydney. For more information about our services, contact us at info@agent99pr.com.

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