Christmas is exactly one month away, and as carols begin to play in offices around the world and the festive party season kicks into gear, it can be tough to focus in the lead up to the holidays. But a month is a long time in the world of PR, and it’s important to stay focused, especially if you’re working with clients who are able to capitalize on any Christmas or New Year related media outreach.

So to help you get into the holiday spirit, without sacrificing on results, here are 5 things you need to do:

  1. Add small festive touches to the office.

Whether it’s playing Christmas carols, or having advent calendars on desks (or if you’re like us here at Agent99, both!), small touches make it easy to enjoy the lead up to holidays, without affecting your schedule.

2. Change things up.

When you’re eleven months into the year often work tasks can come become slightly repetitive. Luckily in PR there are always numerous approaches and tactics you can use to achieve great results for your client or campaign, so if you feel like you need to change things up, there are always options.   

3. Make an ‘end of year’ to do list.

Do you have trouble ticking off tasks when you’re on the homestretch? If so, write down a list of absolutely everything you need to complete at work before the holidays. That way not only do you get through all of your tasks without forgetting anything, but the more you cross off the closer you know you are to Christmas!

4. Start thinking ahead.

A fulfilling way to wrap up the end of a working year is to reflect on what you’ve achieved, and what you’d like to accomplish in the next year. Once you’ve done this, start planning goals and tasks, and think ahead as to how to reach these targets. Whether it’s a dream client, or a specific piece of coverage you’d love to secure, start looking forward.

5. Plan something special to wrap up the year.

Small touches are great, but sometimes teams need something bigger to look forward to when it comes to ending the working year. Planning a celebration well in advance means everyone is able to get excited about it, and because there’s already a festivity organised people are less likely to get distracted and try to schedule smaller scale celebrations.

Enjoy the lead up to Christmas, and happy holidays!

Agent Nic


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