Although you may have already adopted influencer marketing into your digital PR strategy, you might need a helping hand with inviting social media influencers to your next event. Here are our four tips on how to secure attendees:

  1. Invitations are crucial

You want anyone to feel instantly excited when they take their first glance at an invite. Depending on their reach and popularity, some influencers receive multiple invitations and requests a day. Stand out and position your event as a must go to. The invitation will be the first taste of what the event will look and be like, so make sure you amaze them from this first point of contact.

Also, preparation is key! Expect to send out multiple invitations to secure the desired number of attendees. At Agent99, we have learnt that oversubscribing is vital. It might sound crazy but we oversubscribe by at least 20-40% depending on the event. No matter how good it will be, you will always have drop outs leading up to the occasion and unfortunately, even on the actual day.

  1. Offer amazing incentives

Why should an influencer attend your event? Do they receive an amazing goodie bag or an exclusive tasting of a personalised 3 course menu? If you are after influencers that have a large following, this may have to be a financial incentive. Make sure you communicate this incentive at the very beginning so they are eager from the get go. It is also important to note, that the rewards should tie closely back to your event and brand’s objectives to ensure consistent messaging.

  1. Allow plus ones

From our experience, we’ve found that allowing plus ones has increased our chance of success with RSVPs. Firstly, attending an event alone is quite daunting for any person. Secondly, if they can bring a guest, this will make them feel immediately more comfortable.

Also, influencers and bloggers tend to mingle in circles, so they might even bring a fellow influencer as their plus one. This means double the content and exposure for your brand!

  1. Make the event aesthetically pleasing

If you’re inviting an influencer, you are ultimately hoping that they will share images or videos on their social media platforms. Make sure you include “insta worthy” elements e.g. a flower wall, or incredible grazing table. It is important that these visually pleasing elements are unique to your brand so their followers instantly know who is behind this amazing event.

Last year, Agent99 hosted an event with Solerno liqueur. As Solerno’s key ingredient is blood orange, we had the fruit sprawled along the dining table and in jars. Alongside this, we had beautiful flowers, blood orange scented candles and orange vases. As soon as you walked in, you knew exactly who the event was for.

If you need a helping hand with inviting social media influencers to your event, look no further! We have extensive experience in this area, so please email to find out more information.

Agent Amelia