Clients who have little to no experience with public relations, and often new recruits to the Public Relations (PR) Industry, tend to confuse advertising with PR.

PR/Publicity is defined as the proactive generation of news or stories, with a purpose!


What makes the news is often reliant on the ‘news angle’ you take on a story, or the information you are offering up to media.


Before embarking on a campaign for your brand, make sure that the angle you offer up is:


  • Of interest to the public (or your target audience).
  • Is new, topical, educational, different or quirky!
  • Look for the hook. Is it unusual or sensational?  Does it affect people?  Is it thought provoking?
  • It must NOT be commercial or sound like an ad – that’s what advertising is for!
  • It must be credible.
  • It helps if you can substantiate your story either with case studies or statistics.
  • Surveys are always newsworthy. They are credible and provide a ‘hook’.


Good luck generating that amazing piece of coverage for your brand!


Agent Sharon