Here at Agent99, a PR agency in the heart of Sydney, alongside our expertise in the consumer lifestyle space, we specialise in PR for thought leaders, speakers, events and authors.

Having been engaged to handle PR programs for many incredible authors over the last number of years, we know a thing or two about how to orchestrate a successful book launch; one that not only gets a book noticed by the right audiences, but secures excellent earned media coverage, drives book sales and consulting enquiries that delight our clients, all in one effective campaign.

How do we pull off such a feat? You’ll have to get in touch to find out! In the meantime, here are some insider tips on how to pull off an impressive book launch:

  1. Define your objectives: First thing’s first, it’s impossible to class a launch as ‘successful’ if you have no goals to measure. Before starting a campaign, decide on what a successful launch looks like to you. This may mean 5,000 books sales and a best-selling title, 100 media attendees at a launch event, coverage in 10 top-tier and targeted media outlets, or something else entirely. By setting clear and measurable targets, you’ll be able to truly demonstrate the success of your launch.
  2. Consider a book launch event: A successful launch, as far as PR is concerned, results in extensive media coverage, and getting your book’s message out to your target audience. To make this happen, one avenue you may want to explore is hosting a book launch event. Not only will this allow you to celebrate your launch with family, friends and stakeholders, you can also invite media who will then cover your book in upcoming features. However, never underestimate the effort it takes to get media to attend launches; they receive hundreds of invites a week, so do whatever it takes to make sure your event stands out from the crowd and gets the right media along.
  3. Get up close and personal: Of course, media coverage is essential to successfully launch your book, but getting your book (and face) in front of your target audience goes a long way to getting your book noticed! One memorable author that we worked with drove all around the state, stopping in almost every bookstore to complete signings of their book for fans. This kind of personal interaction with your audience works wonders for sales and book recognition alike.
  4. Position your author as an expert: Just promoting a book or an author is simply not enough in today’s market. By positioning your author as an expert in their field, media will be inclined to call upon them for future features they can offer expert commentary for. You can also use their expertise as a chance to ‘highjack’ news stories. By offering your experts tips in response to breaking news, gaining further coverage for authors, and their books is as simple as ‘ABC’.

Agent Rach