There is often a misconception around what publicists do day-to-day. When people ask me what I do (and they don’t have much background information on PR), they often say “So you’re in marketing?” or “You’re in social media?”. As a full-service communications agency, we are a function of marketing and we do offer social media and influencer management, but we do so much more. So, we thought we would offer you a sneak peek into a “typical” day at Agent99.

6:45am: Wake up, take a scroll through my emails and action anything urgent.

7:30am: I have started the commute to work by now, and I will continue to answer any emails and scroll through my News app. As a publicist you need to be across any breaking or top stories of the day in case you can offer your client for comment or can capitalise on any trending topics. I’ll also listen to a podcast or watch some Netflix if it’s a slow email and news day.

8:30-8:45am: Sitting down at my desk and I’m hoping my inbox is now clear. I look at my WIP doc and write my to do list for the day (in order of importance).

9:00am: Have a WIP with the team to go through our list, host any brainstorms, ask any questions and do an audit of our clients KPIs and accounts. We also brief our intern/s during this time.

That part was easy! Now it’s hard to describe a ‘typical’ day from this point as each day is honestly different.

9:30am: Write a press release for a client that used third-party market research to build their thought leadership within their respective field. I will digest the market research, pull out any key stats and begin to form a story.

10:45am: It’s coffee time! Like clockwork, we all grab our keep cups and head to Café Con Leche.

11:00am: Hold a fortnightly WIP meeting with a client where we discuss our PR Plan (our strategy broken down week by week), recent wins and next steps. Although we’re in contact with our clients every day, this is a great time to discuss the overall strategy and decide if we need to change tack, etc. They also keep us across any company and internal news.

11:30am: Pitch, pitch and more pitching! We find that media are most responsive in the mornings, so we will pitch out any press releases, announcements or alerts during this time. We will lock in any interview or editorial opportunities that arise and share the good news with our clients!

1pm: Lunch time! Although we have delicious restaurants and cafes around Surry Hills, we normally head to Woolies and pick up salad ingredients or a roast chicken. We’re a bit boring like that…

1:30pm: Head out to a site visit for an upcoming event that we’re holding. We will arrive at the location to meet the client and we will begin to map out the event. We will also ask the venue manager any logistical questions.

3pm: Write the run sheet for the event while it’s still fresh in our minds!

3:45pm: Post exciting content to our social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

4:00pm: Write a PR Plan, key messages document and checklist for a new client that we’re onboarding.

5:30pm: One last scroll through our emails to ensure all of the urgent items are actioned and it’s time to head home!

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Agent Amelia