At Agent99, we are a close-knit, hardworking team that relies on each other to produce our results. If we aren’t effectively communicating with one another, especially if we are working on the same campaign, this can result in several issues including confusion and double handling. So, if you are part of a team, find out how you can effectively communicate and earn the respect you deserve.

Why is communication important?

With communication being at the core of PR and so many other industries, it is imperative that specific systems and methods are in full working order. When you are working in a team, results and output are driven by constant and consistent communication. Communicating will not only increase efficiency, but it will make your employees feel valued and included within their team, resulting in an increased motivation to achieve outstanding results. Other benefits of positive communication include providing clarity, managing conflicts or issues, team building, developing meaningful relationships and facilitating innovation. The list goes on!

How to communicate effectively

So, if you’re in a team and finding it difficult to communicate with your employees, here is how you can do this.

  1. Use simple language. You might think that industry jargon sounds impressive but this can lead to confusion if your team member has a limited understanding. It will also save time as you won’t need to provide any further explanation if you minimise the chance of being misunderstood.
  2. Listen to others and remain open-minded. Whilst communicating you need to be attentive to others and be open to receiving their feedback. Their points might support your information or argument, or better yet, provide you with a fresh perspective on your strategy or campaign. At Agent99, we bounce ideas off each other all the time, and most times we end up incorporating them into our strategies. Ensure you aren’t dismissive as this can cut off further communication.
  3. Be honest and willing to share. Individuals within a team are more likely to divulge information if you are doing the same for them. Transparency is key in teamwork and if you have an open line of communication, this can create a supportive and honest environment.

How to earn respect

It is important to note that although respect takes time to build, it is fundamental to your team’s success. To earn respect, you need to display a level of confidence and seriousness. A lack of seriousness or uncertainty in communication may lead to the information being treated with disregard or disdain by team members. You must be inclusive in all discussions, give positive feedback and encourage employees of ALL levels to speak up. If you value and respect everyone’s involvement and time, this will make them more inclined to respect you.

Agent Amelia