Allow me to introduce myself. I am Emilie. An avid bread fanatic, lover of all things musical theatre and the newest addition to the Agent99 Team!

This week I celebrate my first full month at Agent99 PR and now seems like the perfect time to go undercover and share some insights into what I’ve been up to with the team for the past month.

In order to commemorate this nondescript achievement, I have put together my top three highlights since coming to work at Agent99 and what I’m excited for now that I’m a part of the team.

# Highlight No. 1 – Director of Fun Day!

At Agent99 we like to go above and beyond for our clients, and in PR, some days that means putting in the longer hours and pushing ourselves to get the best results. In that however, it has been so refreshing to join a team where hard work and commitment are rewarded. Enter Agent99’s Director of Fun Day (or DOF Day as it is humorously coined)!

DOF Days see the Agent99 team head out for an afternoon of fun activities, great food and drinks and plenty of quality time together to celebrate the previous quarter…the catch? One team member plans the day and the rest of us are left in the dark about what’s ahead. 

Not much to complain about when in your first week of work, you’re heading off to team yoga, an Italian feast and then rooftop drinks, am I right?

# Highlight No 2. – Successfully running my first book launch

Poetry. Human Rights. Law. PR. Indigenous Communities. Art. Judaism.

Never in my life could I have imagined I would be helping run a campaign that involved every single one of those categories! Yet, within several weeks of starting at Agent99, I was helping launch the poetry book of one of Australia’s leading human rights lawyers – no pressure!

With the support of a great PR team and a very passionate family of the author, we were able to put together a successful evening which celebrated each category in such a unique and beautiful way.  

# Highlight No. 3 – Winning Small Agency of the Year at the PRIA State Golden Target Awards

When looking for that next step in my career, what stood out to me the most about Agent99 PR was that they had won this prestigious award previously in 2015. Research reveals that in today’s work environment, one third of millennials consider work life balance as a major factor when selecting a job and are more likely to prioritise it over job security!

I was one of these people, and so when multiple agencies are offering the ‘work life’ balance promise, the question is, who do you trust to really live up to this? I went with my gut and pursued the agency that had won an award for it…and boy did it pay off.

We work hard. We play hard. We fight together. We fight for one another. We celebrate together. We mourn together – and in one month we have already done all of those things!

Last night my team took home the award for best small agency at the nationally renowned PRIA Golden Target Awards, and while I can’t claim this as anything to do with my work, it gives me the hope and confidence that I’m with a remarkable team focussed on strengthening one another, always looking for new ways to succeed and continually working hard to go from stride to stride.  

By Agent Emilie