Have you been thinking about how your brand or business can benefit from the ever-growing social media channel-sphere?  Over the last decade, the digital landscape has changed significantly and platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and more recently TikTok have emerged. These channels now play an important role in digital PR, which can offer greater possibilities for brands and businesses to increase their exposure.

While many would assume that you can start to grow your business’ online presence just by having accounts on each social platform, this would be considered the first step in the process of having that presence online. This week we will be discussing the importance of leveraging social media to amplify your message and drive traffic to your business.

In 2022, it is considered critical for businesses to build their online identity to engage with today’s consumers and create an authentic narrative which represents their brand values.  Some consumers may see a lack of presence on social media as unprofessional or untrustworthy, this is why digital PR plays a vital role in creating your business’ impact online.

It is important that when you decide to commit to growing your brand digitally, that you remain consistent. This requires you to be diligent about your posting times, content quality and variation, as this consistency will help you to grow your brand identity with your audience.

When you create an online profile, it will benefit you in building relationships and opportunities.  For example on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok these audiences engage better with a brand that creates a personality.  Introduce your brand and put a face behind a name, the audience isn’t looking for dry content, they are wanting organic content that they can interact with and relate to. If the audience is engaged with your content, they are more likely to return to your platforms to view more content, resulting in potential future buyers. It can seem overwhelming to enter the world of social media but with 1 billion monthly active users just on TikTok it is the place to start where you will find an active audience to interact with.

To ensure success when you begin leveraging social media for your brand, we have a few tips as a Digital PR agency to allow you the best success in starting out:

  • Consistency

Your brand will benefit from having a content schedule, this will ensure that you are producing consistent content for your audience. You will build a stronger relationship with your audience by posting regularly, and the audience will come to expect your content at particular times.  The brand name will become familiar to the audience and will ensure that they will start to recognise it as it appears.

  • Branding

Including some form of branded activity repeatedly will help the audience to begin recognising and connecting with who you are in the online world. The aim for public relations and digital PR is that the audience will become aware of your brand, this can be achieved by having repetition across all platforms.  This could be through a consistent theme, image, phrasing, or quality of content.

If you’re unable to produce the content yourself, the benefit of digital PR is being able to outsource to influencers (or content creators) who are experienced in the social media arena. Recruiting in influencers is helpful because they already know who their audience is, and they have built up an established platform to speak about your brand with authority. There are a few ways to consider the right influencers for your brand and this has been spoken about on one of our previous blogs.  

  • Choosing the Right Platform for a Digital PR campaign

To ensure success in the social media space, it is important to know which platforms can are best suited to your brand. All social media platforms can create content that can used across multiple platforms; however, each channel has a specific purpose that can help you with different aspects of your brand. LinkedIn would be beneficial for making connections in the business space and for posting longer written content. Facebook can offer a wider advertising space and ability for longer written engagement with its audiences.

TikTok is a short-form, video-sharing app that allows users to create and share 15-second videos on any topic . The strength of this platform lies in its ability to connect with such a large group of people organically. Instagram is an established social media platform that covers short-form video content, its strength is the quality images that can be posted and the ability to engage with your audience.

A digital PR campaign can allow your brand to expand its exposure further than just the realm of traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, or television. The capabilities of social media to allow your content to circulate from one platform to the next offers a range of options for how you would like your brand to be perceived online and grow your business.

Additionally, Google recognises the activity and talkability about your brand on social platforms. This demonstrates your authority on subject matters directly related to your brand, which in turn assists with ranking your website higher organically and in relation to key search term.  A win win!

For any questions about digital PR and how to leverage your social media for success, contact us here.

By Agents Claire and Eva