How global brands benefit from boutique PR agencies

When choosing a PR and Communications agency, for a global brand in particular, boutique agencies can often be over looked, with brands believing that size = results. We’re here to tell you that this is just not true. In fact, here at Agent99 we pride ourselves on being a boutique agency, with big agency ideas, execution, results and global brands to boot!

Here are just a few of the many ways we believe global brands can benefit from working with a boutique PR agency:

The Director will know who you are: Often in large agencies, there’s not much chance for the Director to be involved in your account. In a boutique agency, not only will you have an assigned Account Manager who will handle your account on a day to day basis, the Director will be close enough to the project to offer invaluable advice, strategy and help, offering hugely beneficial counsel when necessary. Here at Agent99, our Director Sharon is included in all WIP calls with clients, attending every meeting and is copied into all emails to keep a firm finger on the pulse for all of our clients.

We wear many hats: You’ve heard the saying ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth.’ Well, that can sometimes be true in PR, with many team members in a larger agency working on the different elements of your campaign. Often in boutique agencies (and definitely at Agent99!) publicists are highly skilled in not just media, but social media, events, writing and more, making us adaptable and up for any challenge you throw our way!

Value for money: Boutique agencies are often a fraction of the price of larger agencies, yet deliver the same (if not better!) results. It’s a no brainer!

If all that doesn’t convince you, just take a look at the work we did for global brand Glenfiddich Whisky:

In a bid to reinvent the single malt category, Glenfiddich Whisky launched a new range, the ‘Experimental Series’ and approached Agent99 to execute an exciting product launch to generate national earned media coverage.

The results speak for themselves: Within a month of launching, the product was sold out, we achieve 45+ pieces of coverage with an overall reach of 7.8 million and finally, a combined social reach of 280,000 and engagement of 4,248, and was recognised with an award for best presence in social by Drinks Trade!

Can’t beat that!

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Agent Rachel