When there are so many PR agencies in Sydney alone being able to stand out becomes vital for success. PR agencies must create a brand and produce content that presents a unique value proposition and differentiates them from countless competitors. However, standing out is easier said than done, especially in a creative field such as PR.

Client and Content  

One thing that is common amongst the vast number of PR agencies is that they provide a service. When providing a service it goes without saying that the customer or client is of utmost importance. As a result the first step PR agencies must do to stand out is understand their clients. What is it that clients are looking for and how can agencies come cross as the best equipped to fulfil these needs? One key client demand is creativity and not just creativity for the sake of it but the kind that produces meaningful connections with target publics. Such campaigns will go a long way in helping the work of PR agencies garner recognition. This will result in both positive coverage and word-of-mouth recommendations for the company when it comes to clients.

One such example is the work Agent99 did for the Hunter Valley Wine and Tourism Association. In order to effectively connect with the target demographic of savvy, 25-35 year old consumers we created the Hunter Valley Amazing Race. Teams of bloggers and media were invited to attend the race based on their significant followings amongst the target demographic. The race simultaneously garnered over 720,000 Twitter impressions in less than 24 hours whilst showcasing the region as active, thrilling and cultural. Ultimately the campaign was able to increase traffic of 25-35 year old consumers to the region, achieving the clients’ mission via creative insight.


In order to stand out it is important to be the agency that people are talking about. This can be done in multiple ways such as pitching to local press about your agency and the work you’ve done. It is also important to maintain an active social media presence and channel of outbound communication through platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. For the staff of an agency it’s also beneficial to regularly attend networking events to build professional networks and increase visibility in professional spheres.


Another way to ensure your agency stands out is from a branding standpoint. In relation to this it is useful to start by identifying the factors that make your agency unique. Careful positioning of your brand will prevent your agency from being confused with another or lost amongst the crowd. A great way to do this is by developing a brand personality. For example, at Agent99 our unique factors include the creative and strategic approach we take to PR as well our determination to go above and beyond in realising our clients’ missions. These qualities are reflected in our brand personality and name Agent99, which is based on the creative, sassy, driven and determined character ‘99’ form the 60’s TV series ‘Get Smart.’

As a PR agency in Sydney we face no shortage of competition and having a brand personality has helped in establishing our unique value proposition amongst a sea of competitors. However, it is also important to remember that branding should be backed up by expertise and the results your agency achieves with its’ content. Whilst standing out in communications is often easier said than done, focusing on branding and client-targeted content is a great way to begin.

Agent Intern Kathy