Finding reasons or hooks for producing content can be tricky, but thanks to the myriad of interesting official days of the year, you can engage with your audience in quirky ways you may have never thought of before. With key world dates around the globe ranging from ‘National chocolate day’, ‘World cat day’ and ‘International romance month’ there is a guaranteed day or two for every brand.

These days provide an excellent way to deliver value in an authentic way, whilst also conveying your brand’s key messages.

Now, here are a few simple yet effective ways to doing this for your organisation:

  1. Use your company’s niche

There are way too many national days to keep up with. To remain relevant to your brand, research and target national days that relate to your brand’s product or services. If you have an upcoming product launch, for instance, you could plan to do an online campaign leading up to that national day and use it as a countdown to your official ‘go-live’ date.


  1. Consider your tone for entertaining vs. serious national days

Many days are weird and whacky. Several that we see celebrate food, but today specifically is National Selfie Day! With this in mind, for example, you could create competitions or a discount code for your customers if they take selfies with your product or at your event.

It seems that someone has thought of a day for everything under the sun, from the very silly, such as Ice Cream Soda Day, to the quite serious ones such as World Refugee Day, that also happen to fall on the same day. So be wise in choosing which such one you will take part in, as that will determine the tone of your message and what sort of campaign you will run. And if you have quite a fun idea, make sure to do your due diligence to ensure that it doesn’t clash or seem crass on the same day as one that should be treated with respect eg World Mental Health Day.  This strategy could easily backfire!

  1. Start scheduling

You don’t have to wait until the actual day to execute your promotion. To make the most out of it, start leading up to the event, so that your public is ready for you.


And don’t forget to create hashtags for more engagement!

For more inspiration and ideas, take a look at the amazing results we achieved with Hendrick’s Gin by leveraging Valentine’s Day:


Hendrick’s Gin partnered with Dan Murphy’s to roll out a special Valentine’s Day ‘Woocumber’ gift pack, with the intention of not only driving sales but increasing brand awareness nationally.

We were enlisted to amplify the promotion, generate exposure and encourage sales of the gift pack via both traditional and social media.

The Results

The results were phenomenal! The Hendrick’s Gin Woocumber package was covered in 73 media articles, including Vogue, GQ, Pedestrian TV, Delicious, and Courier-Mail, that reached a total of 11 million readers across the space of a month.

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