With so many brands vying for attention in a limited amount of top-tier media, getting quality earned media coverage is becoming more and more challenging.

Often people make the mistake of thinking that once an interview with a journalist is secured, the hard work is done, but at Agent99 PR we’re adamant that nailing an interview is just as important.

Media training is an incredibly effective way in helping develop the skills that allow you to get your brand’s key messages across in a meaningful yet succinct way. Once you can do that, journalists will come back again and again to utilise your expertise, and best of all, you’ll benefit just as equally by getting your brand messages out to your target audience.

Agent99 PR offers an extensive media training service if you’re interested in becoming a pro, but a few tips that will help anyone improve immediately are:

  1. Know what you want to say

It might sound really obvious, but so many people go into an interview unprepared and not knowing what they want to say. This allows the journalist to dictate the entire direction of the interview, and you risk not receiving any benefit for your time or expertise.  Make sure you spend at least ten minutes writing down the three key messages you want to convey, and then during the interview have them with you so you can ensure they are top of mind in your responses.

Defining your key messages is essential so you know exactly what you want to convey, and they should be short, focused on the benefits of your product or service, and use the tone and language that suits your brand and connects clearly with your audience.

  1. Write responses to questions

One of the most common fears associated with interviews is the risk of being asked a tough question, so pre-empt them! Put together a list of questions you think you may be asked (good and challenging), write responses which include your key messages, and practice practice practice!

Once you feel comfortable doing that, have a colleague or friend act as the interviewer and ask the questions out loud to get you used to responding to the questions verbally. Doing this will help you feel more confident as you step into any interview.

  1. Don’t be afraid to control the interview

Even though you are being asked the questions, that doesn’t mean you have zero control. If the journalist starts steering the questions down a path that isn’t relevant, or you don’t feel comfortable with, it’s important that you bring the focus back to your key messages and the topic you envisaged discussing. Practice and more in-depth media training can teach you how to maintain your composure throughout tricky interviews, and lead to the desired outcome.

Also, if the journalist says something that you feel is incorrect, flag it with them. It’s better to clarify it straight away than risk a piece being published that doesn’t properly convey you, your brand, or your message.


To find out more about our expert in person Media Training Sydney package, as well as our national packages that will help you become a seasoned interview pro, get in touch with us on info@agent99.wpengine.com or call us on 02 9779 0999.

Good luck and happy interviewing!

Agent Nic