Product launches are a dime a dozen these days, with new brands and new product lines popping up seemingly every day. Add to this the fact that media are constantly getting invited to numerous events and product launches, it’s clear that brands need to do something a little different to get noticed.

Gone are the times that a nice brunch in a swanky new restaurant, or cocktails in a cool bar were going to make media step away from their desks. Today brands (and more importantly, their PR agencies) are really having to think outside of the box to get cut through in a highly saturated market.

And that’s where we come in. Here at Agent99, a public relations company in the heart of Sydney, we’ve pulled off our fair share of epic product launches and in our 11 years in business have learnt some key tricks of the trade that will really get media and your target audience talking about your product.

Here are some in-the-know tips for creating a product launch that will make your product stand out from the crowd:

Use social: Social media is a key element of any stand-out product launch. It is important for your brand and media alike to ‘tease’ information about the new launch through carefully created social posts to generate that much needed ‘buzz’. In addition, epic posts on the day/afternoon/evening from the launch are also crucial. The suspense and then ultimate unveiling of your product is crucial and can be hard to pull off but when done well, it really gets you noticed!

Do something no one else has: We know it’s very hard these days to be original, but having an aspect of your launch that will a) make anyone who receive and invite desperate to attend and b) make those who do attend go ‘Wow!’ is really what it’s all about. Don’t worry if you don’t have this magic draw card, that’s what we’re here for!

Follow up: Following up with those that have attended you launch is so important, but often overlooked. So many times, media attend events, only to never hear from the brand again. Make sure to start a dialogue with those that have attended as these are your target customers and the ones that will eventually buy your products.

Set KPIs: The success of anything can really only be measured if you set out clear KPIs beforehand. Here at Agent99, we pride ourselves on setting KPIs and smashing them! Before your launch, make sure your objectives are clear; whether that be having 10 media attendees, 20 social posts from the event, or 5 pieces of coverage following the launch, you’ll only feel like your event stood out, if you have the evidence to prove it.

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