At Agent99 of late, we have been helping our clients write website copy, given our engaging writing skills which have been used to entice media and audiences for eons. On that account, we thought it fitting to write a piece on why great copy and in turn, amazing websites are still so important and relevant today.

When any potential new client or employee is looking to find more information on your brand, their first point of call will inevitably be your website. It is an integral marketing tool for your business and will undoubtedly result in great opportunities. Most businesses these days seem to have an online presence, but in a digital world, a standard website just doesn’t cut it anymore. To that end, we are also currently redesigning our website and this is why:

  1. People operate online more than ever before

Within the digital era, most consumers are garnering information via online mechanisms. We have found that both our B2B and B2C clients are most likely searching for PR agencies via the internet. Therefore, we need to ensure that we have a distinctive and impressive website that conveys our key messages and core values from the first glance. You also should be ensuring that your website is mobile friendly (and general device responsive) as it has been found that more users browse the web on their smartphones. It is important to not miss out on these new leads by not having this capability.

  1. Enhances your credibility

Your website will enable you to tell any user about your company and explain why they should put their trust and confidence in your services. Within your website you need to offer useful information that will be relevant to your stakeholders. You must convince your audience (and quickly) that you are offering the best product or service compared to your competitors. This can be achieved through client or media testimonials (we have this section on our Agent99 website), a comment section for users, updating your website with up to date and reliable information on a regular basis, and a review section as consumers trust other consumer’s opinions.

  1. Improves Search Engine Optimization

A website that has been strategically designed as an effective marketing tool will increase your website traffic. By generating quality content and backlinks, you will improve your SEO. At Agent99, we always work on bettering our SEO ranking and redesigning our website is a key component for this.

Although there are numerous reasons why a great website is important, we are focusing on the above three. We look forward to unveiling the new website soon!

Agent Amelia