With limited resources and time to file stories these days, news media often lifts information from various channels such as press releases, without the need to speak to a brand spokesperson. 

However, with the right pitch and story angle, there are still ample opportunities to be interviewed by top tier outlets.  This is the gold standard, as it provides excellent opportunities to get your brand’s key messages across.

To get the best outcome out of each interview, here are Agent99’s top tips:

TIP ONE                      

Write down three to five strong points you wish to enlarge upon.  Put these in front of you. These are generally key messages that you have worked up with your PR team that you are trying to convey about your brand.

TIP TWO                     

List likely questions and your answers, and these will help you fix them in your mind. Depending on how proficient you are, you may want to work through these out loud in front of the mirror, or with another team member who can quiz you.  Prepare, prepare, prepare.  And just answering in your mind, simply doesn’t cut it!  It has to be out loud.

TIP THREE                   

Don’t wait for the interview to warm up, or for the interviewer to ask the questions you really want to answer. Know what you want to say and use the first opportunity to say it.  You will enjoy the rest of the interview so much more!

TIP FOUR                     

Take the initiative by introducing the subject you want to discuss.  Again, this is your interview too.  Don’t wait for the interviewer to make it ‘perfect’ for you.

TIP FIVE                      

Answer the questions with enthusiasm, with good colourful phrases; keep your answers to the point.

TIP FIVE                      

Having said what you want to say SHUT UP. And we mean this in the nicest possible way.  Don’t be embarrassed by the silence.  That is the interviewer’s worry.   The pregnant pause is not your problem.

TIP SIX                        

Ask your own question if you wish to steer the interview in the direction you want.

TIP SEVEN                   

Be alert for the moment you can get your message across.  Try to get it over twice.  “As I said before……”

TIP EIGHT                    

You can’t be seen on radio but you can be ‘read’.  Don’t be evasive, you will sound it.  Don’t give vague answers unless you mean to be vague.  If you are angry, evasive, nervous, dull or confused it will be obvious.

TIP NINE                      

Don’t address the interviewer by the first name. You are there to get a message across to the media outlet’s audience, it is not a personal conversation and it also makes editing really challenging for the media team.

TIP TEN                       

Don’t be embarrassed to plug your organisation. It’s not just about giving great information.  Remember, it’s a platform to promote your brand.

Good luck! And remember, if you are ever unsure, we offer half and full day media training courses.  Check out the details here, and get in touch any time!

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