Here’s 3 Handy Hints for Getting Yourself Noticed

When Agent99 advertised a new graduate job role recently, I had no idea the immediate frenzy that would ensue, as over hundreds of fresh and eager graduates sent in resume after resume, extensive cover letters, personal appeals and even one video reel of their life!

While COVID-19 undoubtedly affected many industries and groups, experts are predicting graduates will feel the full brunt of the economic fall-out, with reports that there are 360,000 fewer jobs compared to this time in 2019. This alarming statistic suddenly made sense of this applicant frenzy.  

While I’m sure Agent99 would’ve loved the opportunity to take as many fresh graduates under our wing as possible, unfortunately we only had one spot to fill – so, how did we go about vetting these hundreds of potentially fantastic candidates down to one? Having managed our Agent99 internship program for nearly two years and recently joining Agent99’s recruiting process, here are my 3 handy hints for what you can do today to set yourself apart as a graduate looking for your first PR or marketing role!

  1. Never Stop Refining Your CV

Growing up my Father was a recruiter, and so as you can imagine, having a solid resume was VERY important in our household. Imagine all the pressures of being an average 13-year-old girl entering high school, but with a dad who is determined you have a great resume written for any occasion (despite the fact that I wasn’t even looking for jobs!).

However, over the years, my dad taught me the importance of having a solid CV – and that it was refined and updated constantly. It is very easy to fall into the trap of ‘beefing it up,’ and never removing unnecessary items; however, as you enter the professional world as a new graduate, remember to continually update and refine it so that only your relevant experience is on that piece of paper. You don’t want it to be pages long; so instead cut that thing right down to your professional experience only. Employers want to see an easy-to-read document that clearly identifies your relevance for the role

2. Pick Your Cheerleaders

It doesn’t matter if you are a graduate, or a professional with decades of experience under your belt, you need solid referees that can speak to both your personal and professional characteristics. The reason I say ‘pick your cheerleaders’ is because this is exactly who they should be. Cheerleaders stand on the sidelines and watch you as you accomplish things; they know to scream your praises when you succeed and spur you on when you need encouragement.

Ensure every referee you list on your resume are more than just ‘friends’ but are people who are older than you and can speak to your accomplishments either from a personal capacity (mentor, spiritual leader, former colleague) and professional (former/current boss, team leaders or faculty advisors). Make sure every referee you have listed KNOWS they are listed and be sure to prepare them ahead of time that you are interviewing, and they should expect calls.

3. Be Proactive and Responsive

While it can be very exciting to receive an initial email or call from a company requesting an interview; you have to remember that you are likely one candidate of many. Therefore, what will really set you apart is being as proactive and responsive as possible.

The hiring process is usually long and complex for many companies, so you can set yourself apart by replying to emails/calls promptly, setting up an interview within a few days and ensuring you provide any relevant background materials or references to your work as soon as asked. Most companies value candidates who are eager and passionate about the role – so if you are slow to respond or need to be continually chased, often this can be seen by a hiring manger as a sign that you are not interested. So, by being responsive and proactive in following up the status of your interview, you will definitely stand out from other candidates.

Overall, hopefully these few tips will have encouraged you to start tweaking or thinking differently about how you approach your job hunt. As a graduate, continue to upskill, apply for a wide breadth of jobs, and don’t get down on yourself if it takes a few goes. The perfect role is out there for you.

By Agent Emilie

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