Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in our day-to-day lives; as Aussies are embracing technology more than ever due to COVID-19 and our climate and environmental surroundings are also changing continuously as a result. So, how do we embrace sustainable practices in the workplace, especially now that many of us are working from home for the foreseeable future?

But first, let’s explore what sustainability in the business even means? According to Harvard Business Review, it is broken down into two main categories:

  • The effect your business has on the environment
  • The effect your business has on society

Sustainable business strategies aim to make a positive impact on either of these areas, or both. There are several reasons to embrace eco-friendly practices which can benefit both your business and your corporate footprint, and being planet-savvy may additionally result in reduced costs, a more loyal client and customer base, and new business success! Here are some top tips to ensure sustainability in your business

  1. Engage your organisation

To encourage the adoption of a sustainable mindset in business, you must align motivating factors with your company’s goals, values and missions. Hold a team meeting and ask your employees for ideas to create a more sustainable workplace. A great example is having prize incentives for certain “green challenges”, like plastic-free months, or a week using keep-cups for your coffees.

Additionally, by engaging with clients who embody sustainable measures and methods in their day to day life, organisational reputation is built. Depending on how big your organisation is, you might like to consider engaging with zero-waste companies to stock things like toilet paper, coffee, and paper, and invest in some desk plants to improve office air quality.

2. Reduce, reuse, recycle

By going paperless wherever you can, your organisation is committing to a fully online way of working. If this isn’t possible – realising in some industries this proves very difficult – make a note to buy and use recycled paper throughout the organisation.

Did you know that over 94% of waste in a typical business bin is recyclable? A recycling bin or program in your office environment is a brilliant way of cementing your commitment to corporate sustainability. Plus, it prompts your employees to think they are working in a sustainable environment.

3. Use electricity wisely

Electricity is fundamental to workplace function and so rather than looking to cut out a valuable resource, try and think about what small electrical items you can scale back on over the year. For example, ensure that your air conditioning is off after the space cools down, and encourage your teams to turn off their lights, laptops, screens and other devices at the end of each day,  as this simple step can improve your office’s environmental footprint and cut down electricity costs!

Sustainability is a major challenge, and particularly so in a COVID-19 world.  However, as a number of companies (large or small) band together to develop their thinking for the future as well as their sustainability policies, it is clear that the sustainability megatrend will be here to stay. As we continue to work from home in the near future, we can cement these ideas and practices to prompt these changes to go ahead back in the office.

By Agent Netia

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