There’s no doubt that award entries can take a significant amount of effort, and some businesses (especially those who are just starting out) can question whether this time is worth the investment.  

At Agent99 we’re ecstatic to announce that we have been shortlisted as finalists for the 2019 Public Relations Institute of Australia Golden Target Awards, ‘Small Consultancy of the Year’ and ‘B2B Campaign of the Year’, but we aren’t going to lie and say the award entry process didn’t take effort. However, after winning numerous awards in the past, below are our expert thoughts about why they are worth the effort:

  1. It adds instant credibility

As soon as you win an industry award, even if you are short listed, this is a huge tick in terms of credibility. It’s also how you leverage the win, so make sure it’s in your email signature, on your business cards and website, etc. Shout it loud and proud.

  • It’s brilliant exposure

Often the awards will promote the finalists and winners quite heavily, which allows you to have people speaking about your business without needing to do it yourself. This third-party endorsement speaks volumes!

  • It’s a true recognition of the hard work the team puts in

Staff morale is a huge part of a company, so making sure their efforts and work is appreciated is crucial. Awards not only do this, but they also help them feel proud of the business they are a part of.

  • It’s a great networking opportunity

Often awards nights are a great chance to mingle with fellow best-in-class nominees, and form beneficial connections. 

  • It helps you stand out from competitors

Although many companies say they are ‘a leader’ or ‘the best’, awards are proof that your company is just this. It acts as a key point of difference to new clients who looking at your website, or recruiters that are helping you attract great talent, which is so critical to any organisation.

If you are interested in speaking more about the power of awards, and tips to winning them, get in touch today at

Agent Nic