When you think of Public Relations, it is likely that the first thing that comes to mind is securing media coverage for a business or individual through digital or print publications. However, Agent99 is a multifaceted business that can offer clients a full suite of to benefit their brand awareness. So, here are our three hidden skills you may not have known about and how they can help you:

Virtual Launch Events

The onset of COVID-19 saw significant changes across most industries globally, including Public Relations. As we work in a highly social industry, a large part of our operations involves coordinating events to celebrate the launches and milestones of our clients. When COVID hit, we faced crossroads on how to continue this part of our business. However, the answer was obvious. Virtual events were a way to maintain our services without compromising on the exciting event to celebrate these achievements. Forging ahead through the COVID period and leading on a number of launches, we are now well versed in the art of virtual events.

Once successful example was for our client Westward Whiskey, who heavily relied upon media trips to their head distillery in Portland, America prior to the pandemic to engage media and influencers. However, with international travel off the cards, we turned to virtual events to launch their whiskey varietals throughout 2020. While there were some initial learnings, what we found surprising was that attendance at these events was higher and translated to greater results for the brand, as a fraction of the cost. Virtual Events allowed us to minimise our expenditure and assist time-poor journalists in giving them relevant content, from the comfort of their homes and desks. As we head into 2021, Virtual Events will continue to be integral in our brand strategies, and we will see a hybrid of physical and virtual launches that are tailor made to suit the brand’s objectives and budget. 

Influencer Relations 

These days, influencer engagement is one of the most successful channels to promote a business or product. One of the many benefits of utilising influencer sponsorship and advertising is that it allows targeted demographics to be reached. Using the personal and curated image that influencers create allows us to find the specific audiences that are best suited to our clients. The negotiations and communications with influencers can be tricky to navigate but through in-depth experience, we’ve perfected the skill of pairing like-minded individuals with brands so that everyone reaps the benefits. Agent99 manages all communications and finds the right influencer to promote your business, be it via gifting or paid means, to extend your brand’s reach and drive traffic and sales to your product, whilst building its awareness.

Written Content Creation 

Knowing how to craft a good story and make just about anything newsworthy is our bread and butter! However, just like everything else, there is an art to doing this successfully. We are experts in content creation, making a story, achievement or piece of expertise sound engaging. From creating clickable social media posts that boost social interactions, to writing blog content for your website, or website page content, we are masters across each channel. Additionally, we can also help you take your assets and turn them into media worthy content, if you are after PR specifically.

When COVID first hit, the news cycle was dominated by stories about the virus, and so PR cut-through became highly limited. So we pivoted, and helped our clients create their content strategies so that they were still seeing traffic to their websites, and in turn, sales. For our client Fjallraven, we created a blog content series that helped people maximise their time outdoors.  And for another client Product of the Year, we were able to amplify their social content and support users through grocery shopping tips and giveaways. No matter the client or the content they are after, we find creative and engaging ways to create content across a variety of channels to maximise reach and brand awareness. 

Agent99 offers diverse and tailored services for each client, so that every business can achieve their communications objectives.

For further information on our skills and all the services we offer, please contact me on 0401 811 930 or sharon@agent99pr.com. 

Always happy to help!

Agent Sharon