Yes. I admit it. I am one of those people.

I am at my core, a complete and utter theatre nerd. #DramaticGasp

Okay, so not to dissuade you from continuing on reading, live performance genuinely is one of my biggest passions and topics I love to educate on. Ever since I was of walking and talking age; I would always force my family to watch my one-woman toddler performances of Hi-Five’s “Ready or Not” set to the matching dance routine and sparkly hair ribbons. Now as an adult, I still love to perform, but I am also incredibly passionate about supporting the Australian arts scene, and watching live performances have their time to shine in a post-pandemic world, whether that’s music, theatre, film, etc.

Understandably, COVID-19 lockdowns had a huge impact on live performance, and so now as restrictions have finally relaxed, Entertainment PR is a fantastic way to ensure that these events can once again get the traffic and interest they deserve.

When it comes to creating an Entertainment PR campaign for Live Performances, there are a few critical differences to other standard PR campaigns, as we learned in previous weeks. Live events are wholly dependent on ticket sales and foot traffic at the event, so ensuring this is at the heart of your strategy – is key.

And also, it’s important to note that Entertainment PR isn’t limited to big productions. Even if you’re not Hamilton or Harry Styles, it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve success for your live event. Here are six key things that are essential to an entertainment PR campaign for live events.

1. Know Your Target Audience

Yes, we’ve covered the importance of knowing your target audience, however when it comes to live events, these people are paying money to give up their time…a precious commodity. So, you need to know who your audience is, where they consume information, and what is going to get them across the line to attend your event. And in 2022, there is so much data at your fingertips. Find a way to utilise this so you can target your perfect audience.

2. Inviting Reviewers is Essential

‘Reviewers’ tends to be a dirty word in the entertainment industry. Reviewers are associated with harsh feedback and sometimes, a lack of integrity. However, due to Australia’s small media landscape, many reviewers are essentially journalists who have a particular interest in a topic. So, when it comes to promoting your live event, invite relevant journalists and reviewers who know your content and will provide honest and authentic feedback.

3. Host Preview Events

Depending on the type of live performance, hosting preview events is an incredible way to commence an entertainment PR campaign. Preview events allow you to build a buzz, interest and excitement with key media, reviewers, and influencers ahead of opening nights. Preview events also give you an opportunity to treat patrons and investors to a bougee night, where they can see the fruits of your labour on full display; thus keeping them on side for any future events or productions where you might require their buy in again.

4. Create Photo-Opportunities or Moments of Shareability  

People love taking photos of themselves. People also love showing off the cool and cultured things they do. So, if you’re hosting a live event, give your guests the opportunity to document their experience. Whether this is through a media wall, a pop-up photo display or even a meet-and-greet with key performers, by providing a “shareable” moment for your audience members, this then gives them incentive to share to their wider audience, building organic word of mouth and encouraging wider consideration.

5. Get to Know Your Creatives

The great thing about Entertainment PR for your live event, is that you get three bites of the cherry. You can secure pre-event coverage, event coverage and post-event coverage. So, use media relations to your advantage. Even if you don’t have a complete show to promote to audiences yet, get to know your creatives and promote their stories. If you have a fantastic costume designer for the event, pre-seed some designs with key fashion media. If you have cast/crew from small regional towns, plug their stories into local media outlets to build excitement and pride in their local communities. The opportunities for PR are endless.

Before COVID-19 hit, Agent99 were approached by writer and musical theatre producer Ian Gerrard, to manage the Entertainment PR campaign for his newly created musical Three Weeks in Spring. Completely self-funded and developed by him to celebrate the birth of the ANZAC legend, Ian tasked Agent99 with creating a media campaign that would not only hero his creative story, but drive awareness and buzz for the musical, generate ticket sales and also create further awareness about local homegrown talent.

The Cast of 3 Weeks in Spring

Utilising some of the tactics mentioned above, Agent99 were able to secure press coverage for Ian and the musical in leading publications including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, 9News, The Today Show and Theatre Now.

Agent99 were also able to secure up to 20 media and influencer reviewers to attend the preview shows, ensuring that wider awareness and coverage could be secured.

In a reviving industry, there has never been a better time to explore entertainment PR for your live event. For further information about this topic, or to discuss your marketing plans for your live event, contact the Agent99 team on

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