We have previously learnt the benefits of establishing your online identity and developing your digital footprint; which now leads us to the next component, learning the importance of shifting traditional PR and communications tactics, into a digital format.

Long gone are the days where your communications agency can just put together a fancy media coverage report and judge a PR campaign’s success purely by column inches alone. These days, data is king, and so in order to demonstrate true business impact, brands will want to ensure that those PR results can generate measurable data. Digital PR, is all about ensuring your PR efforts are driving and linking back to your core owned brand channels. By securing backlinks to your client’s channels, you are generating online and offline awareness for their brand – ensuring long-term success and exposure. Working alongside a communications agency that is knowledgeable in digital PR will enable you and your business to transition effectively to a successful digital PR process.

So, what are some of the key advantages for rolling out a Digital PR strategy?

Helps Boost Website Traffic

Utilising traditional PR and marketing tactics, you work to secure backlinks to your client’s website or owned channels. This allows readers of news articles or features to gain easy access to your website and follow the path back towards your services. Even from an owned perspective, by promoting your website across social media channels or EDMs out to your database, all these tactics help continue to drive leads into the funnel.. Through an effective digital PR strategy, you are able to approach your website with enthusiasm and reflect on tactics that have shown impressive results to draw in traffic.

Improves Your Website SEO

Your SEO ranking (or where your website sits on Google) will consistently improve as you continue to employ PR and marketing tactics. As we know, 67% of people will not scroll past the fifth listing on Google, so ensuring your website is ranking highly for various relevant keywords, is essential. As a result of digital PR tactics that have those aforementioned backlinks, this ultimately helps improve your website ranking and generates additional leads. Google rewards websites that cite and interlink other articles from higher authority website domains (like news sites) by providing them a higher ranking in organic search results. Successful digital PR amplifies the online visibility of your brand, ensuring that your brand is mentioned, which results in higher site traffic. Once your communications agency establishes a strong digital PR campaign, it is possible for influencers, bloggers, and journalists to identify and share your content, strengthening your backlink profile further.

Establishes you as an authority in your field

Developing high-quality and comprehensive communications materials (either for your website / owned channels or a proactive PR campaign) will only improve and solidify your reputation as a credible source of information. Creating and promoting these resources will inevitably improve the authenticity and trust in your brand. A communications agency that employs digital PR in their strategy will ensure that your customers are presented with good content on their owned channels, but also in terms of what they put into market, meaning that when people are searching for a business online, they can find you easily and know you have the relevant content to answer their questions or needs.

Helps generate sales and leads

Employing a Digital PR process will result in your business being mentioned more frequently which in hand, generates leads and ultimately sales. Building trust needs to be a priority when it comes to developing your PR strategy. An effective digital PR campaign places your product/service in the laps of relevant and interested audiences as PR allows you to acquire more referral traffic through SEO. A digital PR campaign doesn’t only help generate leads, but it helps transform these leads into paying customers. An incredible advantage of this is that digital PR also provides a tangible way to track performance. The analytics behind how and why your content is performing in a certain way is key to learning what you are doing right, and what you may be doing wrong.

If you’re looking to boost your business and gain prominence in your field, investing time into a digital PR process is a beneficial step to building your brand. When executed properly, an effective digital PR process will help you develop and maintain relationships whilst also positively impacting your brand visibility online. It is a game-changing branch of communications which will transform your leads into promising sales.

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By Agent Ari