When I began my internship at Agent99 three months ago, I would have never guessed that I would be writing this blog post from the comfort of my own home, especially when I’d technically only worked 4 weeks in the office. However as I look back, I realise how many skills I have gained despite not being in the office, and can take a moment to appreciate the hardworking team at Agent99 and what I have learnt from them in order to advance my career. Here is a little overview of my time as an intern at Agent99.

I started my internship as someone with very little knowledge about the PR world. My courses at university had just touched the surface on the importance and relevance of PR professionals, but I thought there would be nothing better than getting into the workplace and experiencing it first-hand. On my first day as an intern, I quickly learnt that no day would be quite the same. I sat in on a few client meetings, had a coffee to discuss the preferences of journalists, and assuredly learnt the difference between PR and advertising (yep, there’s a big difference!). I also thoroughly enjoyed the company of the Agent Nic’s new puppy – Rufus.

In the early weeks I came to appreciate the small-team corporate environment that made up Agent99. I became aware of the incredible benefits to a small office environment, such as being able to listen and contribute to campaign discussions, experiencing team WIPs at the commencement of each day, listening in on client phone calls and just an overall feeling of comfort in asking for help when there was a problem.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, my time in the office was somewhat cut short. I won’t lie and say that I wasn’t disappointed, but if there is another thing I have learnt, it’s that PR professionals change, adapt, and strive for success no matter the situation. I was kept in the loop with matters of business, and was lucky enough to continue assisting each member of the team, weekly. Whether writing blog posts, researching embroidery influencers, scheduling social media posts, or researching for clients, I continued to expand my knowledge of the PR world.

Ironically, it was whilst working from home that I felt I got into the PR groove and saw connections between my tasks each week. It’s pretty great to know your ideas are being valued and used in achieving the objectives for each campaign, and working with such a diverse range of clients was a massive privilege.

I feel incredibly lucky to have completed my internship at Agent99 in two different environments. I have felt valued and supported as an intern and have immense gratitude for the team, who are some of the most hard-working and motivated people I know, and who I have learnt important lessons in teamwork, patience, and dedication.

By Intern Agent Netia

Agent99 is an award-winning PR and communications agency based in Sydney. For more information about our services, contact us at info@agent99pr.com.

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