Now that you know what media training is, and its benefits in terms of preparing for an interview, we’ll delve further in exactly what to look for in a media training company.

Many companies offer media training as a service, but based off our many years of learnings in this space, the 3 key things we suggest looking for are:

  • How much experience does this company or expert have in the industry and what are their credentials in this space?
  • What is their process to prepare you for the media training session?
  • How much do they charge for their media training package?

Now, let’s explore each of these points in a bit more detail, to ensure you make the right choice in your media training provider!

  • The importance of experience and credentials:

Some companies and people in the industry claim they offer this service, but have very little experience to speak to, so always best to ask whether they have conducted media interviews or been interviewed by a range of reputable media outlets themselves. Working with a company or expert who has, is extremely important as it gives them real-life learnings to share with you.

Agent99 has many years of experience within the media, PR and communications industry, but to make our media training sessions as effective as possible we also work with a range of professional ex-TV journalists to ensure the training is as similar to a real-life interview scenario as possible. This also helps to ensure participants understand how journalists work, what they need in order to create a successful story, and be able to give you some practical do’s and don’ts so that you are completely prepared.

  • What is the process for preparing clients for media training:

Many people don’t realise that the preparation is one of the most crucial parts of a successful media training session. You want as much of the leg work to be done prior to the day, so the session is focused on mastering the art of media interviewing, not thinking of questions to practice.

At Agent99 we offer bespoke half day or full day media training sessions (for one up to six people). Our typical process guidelines are below, but the whole experience is extremely thought through to suit you and your brand’s particular needs:

Prior to the session, we:

  • Develop a key messages document. It might sound obvious, but so many people go into an interview unprepared and not knowing what they want to say. This allows the journalist to dictate the entire direction of the interview, and you risk not receiving any benefit for your time or expertise. Our session will cover key message preparation so that you can ensure they are top of mind in your responses, and that you get the outcome you want – every time.
  • Create a series of bespoke interview scenarios to practice on the day. One of the most common fears associated with interviews is the risk of being asked a tough question. We create bespoke scenarios and questions (both easy and challenging!) to help you feel confident at every interview opportunity.

On the day:

  • Based off the bespoke interview scenarios, we work with participants and the TV presenter through a range of bespoke scenarios in a mock interview style. We will then play these back to provide valuable feedback. We will go through a number of these scenarios until you walk out feeling like a pro!

After the session:

  • Feedback post training is very important. Once the session is complete, we will send you personal pointers and areas for improvement so that you can keep practicing. We will also supply you with our media training guidelines to refer to at any time in the future.
  • How much does media training cost?

Prices in the industry vary significantly. At Agent99 our media training sessions (in Sydney, ex travel costs) commence at $1,950 plus GST. This cost covers the hours of preparation to bring the session to life and the fees to work with expert TV presenters. However we do our best to keep the investment as cost effective as possible to ensure as many spokespeople and teams can master their media training skills.

To find out more about our packages that will help you become a seasoned interview pro, or to discuss whether media training would benefit you and your brand, get in touch with us today.

Agent Nic