PR is certainly not a little-known-secret these days, and has proven itself to be an integral and beneficial component of business growth and maintenance plans. Although it may seem like a substantial investment, PR is designed to help build a valuable relationship between a brand and their publics. Once incorporated, you can learn the ways to benchmark and measure the success of PR. And when you begin embracing metrics and experiencing how PR can garner success, it will be evident as to why PR is a quintessential investment to your business.

Here at Agent99, we are passionate and confident in the results and business impact we deliver, as we understand the complete anatomy of PR. We explore the trends, strategies and effective communications that will enable our clients to achieve their business goals.  

However, we believe that the best way to demonstrate success to you, is to show you the results, instead of just telling you about them! Here are two of our clients’ experiences with Agent99 and how PR benefited their brand:


Winning Moves gave Agent99 a brief to create a custom board game that would appeal to consumers during a turbulent COVID-19 market. In response, Winning Moves and Agent99 decided to create a unique Monopoly Board and Puzzle that would highlight 22 Australian communities that had been impacted by the Bushfires, Floods and COVID-19. Agent99’s overarching macro-strategy maximized the positive local news stories for communities that the game generated, and integrated this with earned national mass media, paid partnerships and community engagement tactics to create enthusiasm amongst consumers. Ultimately, the campaign aimed to engage local and national retailers, drive awareness and sales for the brand and finally, help give back to the community by raising funds through sales for The Australian Red Cross.

In total, Agent99 were able to secure 213+ pieces of media coverage, with a combined reach of over 125 million consumers. Winning Moves saw an incredible triple digit growth on anticipated sales, and retailers were getting in touch within a week of launch to ask for additional stock.

“The Australian Community Relief Monopoly has been one of our most successful product launches in Australia for Winning Moves, thanks to Agent99. For a small marketing budget, the team truly went above and beyond, surpassing all expectations and demonstrating that clever PR-led ideation can have demonstrable business impact. Through their campaign, we were able to exceed all of our sales projections, which went on to help us secure new retailer opportunities and inspire other global markets. Most importantly however, Agent99 helped us make a positive impact on Australian communities during a very turbulent time.” Charlotte Waalkens, Marketing Manager at Winning Moves


Buyer’s agent and the Founder of Aus Property Professionals, Lloyd Edge, sought Agent99’s expertise to launch his debut book, ‘Positively Geared’. With the help of Agent99, Lloyd looked to grow his profile, establish his expertise within the property sector, increase website traffic and book sales through top-tier coverage.  

Through a strategic media relations approach, Agent99 were able to secure 95 pieces of coverage for Lloyd and Positively Geared was featured in many top-tier outlets, reaching over 102 million people within three months. Overall, the campaign achieved a big increase in book sales, leading Positively Geared to become the #1 Property Book in 2020 on Amazon.

In addition, email subscribers tripled during the campaign period, his staff size doubled within 12 months and Lloyd went on to win the Best Marketing and Publicity Award at the 2020 Australian Book Awards

“I firmly believe if I hadn’t engaged Agent99 for the launch of Positively Geared, my business would be in a very different position. Due to their advice and strategy, both my book and overall business is thriving, even during a global pandemic. The Agent99 team work tirelessly to pivot and adapt when necessary, and constantly persevered despite tough market conditions. They’ve showcased that they’re more than an agency; they’re an integral part of my marketing team.” – Lloyd Edge

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By Agents Arianna and Emilie