Over the past 3 months I was very grateful to have been given the opportunity to complete an internship at Agent99 PR. Throughout my time working with the team, I feel I have developed a number of skills and learnt so much more about the PR field. I can proudly say that the team have taught me countless things, especially in terms of how a PR agency functions on a day to day basis, and how relationships with clients are built and maintained.

I never thought I would live through a pandemic, let alone complete an internship during one. While I was upset that I could not work in the office every day due to COVID-19 restrictions, working online has taught me a number of important skills I will take with me for my future career.

Communication is Key

As this was mostly a remote internship, it was crucial that my communication with the team was strong and transparent. The agency was on top of managing my daily schedule and so each morning I would receive an email of tasks that I was required to complete. Once I finished a set of tasks for one team member, I was then told to touch base with the next; meaning I got to work across a variety of different client campaigns. Emails were responded within 15 minutes, making it extremely easy to communicate with the team if there were any issues, while working from home.

Research is a PR Agent’s Bread and Butter

I undertook a number of research tasks while working for the agency, both for ongoing campaigns and also to help Agent99 develop their own business plans. This was extremely exciting for me as I got to widen my knowledge about so many different things aspects of PR, as well as getting the opportunity to research current issues going on in the world and how this impacted the day-to-day workings of the business.

Writing skills

Prior to working for the agency, to be honest, writing wasn’t my all-time favourite thing to do. However, once I started interning at Agent99 online, writing became a big part of my daily tasks and I soon discovered that I really enjoyed writing, whether that be social media content, blog posts, newsletters or press releases. I learnt that in order to write an engaging piece, you not only need to be educated in the topic you are writing on, but also the audience you are speaking to. After writing a number of different types of pieces, I have developed a deeper knowledge about a number of sectors as well as emerging trends and issues within the advertising, marketing and public relations industry. It has also allowed me to work on my creativity skills, which I am very thankful for.

No day is the same

Although a majority of my internship was online, I was also privileged to go into the office on select days. I can tell you that on my first day in the office, I did not expect to be riding in taxis, sorting through storage units or researching influencers. This was the beauty of interning with this agency, as no day was the same and I knew I was always in for another exciting learning opportunity. This allowed me to garner so much knowledge about a PR agency and that allowed me to feel as if I was really a part of the team, where every job was important.

Overall, I have really enjoyed the past 12 weeks at Agent99 PR. The team are beyond helpful and went out of their way to make me feel prepared, safe and comfortable. I will be sure to remember this wonderful experience and take all I have learned with me in the future!

By Intern Agent Hilda

Agent99 is an award-winning PR and communications agency based in Sydney. For more information about our services, contact us at info@agent99pr.com.

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